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Dina’s Diner 10/27/14

| Oct 27, 2014
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crossdressing-don't tell anyone HALLOWEEN COMES BUT ONCE A YEAR

Somewhere online I saw a discussion forum topic about crossdressing on Halloween. Specifically, the thread was about whether crossdressers should attend parties with friends, family or co-workers in a crossdressing “costume.”

I’ve heard some crossdressers say they’ve done this and I always doubted that it is a great idea. Sometimes I just doubted the truth of the story. But it seems that even a moderately skilled crossdresser would look too “good” for friends or family to believe it was just a Halloween dress-up gag. If you want to “come out” this might be a good strategy but if you don’t it seems suicidal. I wonder if any readers have experiences or thoughts on this.

Halloween is always a great time for crossdressers to take a chance going to bar parties or other events in a straight or mixed crowd. Places where you might not otherwise ever go while dressed. Doing “straight” crossdressing, i.e. not in a costume per se but just crossdressed as you normally would might raise more eyebrows than crossdressing in a kind of costume or get-up that says you’re just having fun with it. There are some circumstances where being serious is not a good strategy and I think Halloween is one of those.

It’s always fun to see other crossdressed friends in costumes you may never see them in. The ladies who always dressed in professional or casual attire at our group meetings would turn up as showgirls, cheerleaders, Little Bo Peep, or a dominatrix. Then there was the year our own Angela Gardner wore a leotard, a sheer tutu and fishnets with high heels. I still think about that outfit.

When I lived in the Philadelphia area, there were multiple nights of bar parties so as to spread the season over a weekend. And Halloween season had become big business (and still is) as Americans keep finding new ways to commercialize every day on the calendar. At work a couple of years ago, some women were talking about how much fun they had spending Halloween at a gay bar to see all the guys dressed as women. It was tempting to join in the conversation but I kept my mouth shut. If they only knew, ha.

It would be nice to see some Halloween photos posted on the site after the dust has settled. It’s everyone’s “Get out of Jail Free” night. But don’t go to your Mom’s, your neighbor’s or your boss’ house unless you’re ready for some explainin.’

Anita Cerquetti

Anita Cerquetti


The New York Times had an interesting obituary on October 17, 2014 for former opera singing sensation Anita Cerquetti. Ms. Cerquetti died at 83 after being hospitalized for heart issues in Perugia, Italy.

The interesting thing about Anita’s life story in her obituary was that she had shot to fame in the opera world in 1958 and three years later walked away from it all never to sing publicly again. She had received some attention in her early twenties but at age 27, she was called on to replace the world-renowned and volatile Maria Callas when the latter refused to continue a performance in mid-production.

Anita Cerquetti charmed audiences and even after Callas agreed to come back after taking time off for an “illness” the production decided to continue with Anita instead. For a time, she starred simultaneously in Rome and Naples as she juggled to meet schedules of two separate productions. Then she simply retired.

According to the Times, a documentary film about opera has a scene with Anita Cerquetti listening to a recording of her voice from those years of short-lived fame. “I received many offers to return.” She told the filmmaker. “There were moments when I almost accepted. But then I thought, what’s the point? I’ve already found my peace, my serenity. To return under the gun? Basta! And so I closed the door.”

Rest in Peace, Anita. That’s a helluva quote to leave behind. A quote not many people could have ever found the courage to make true.

Jimmy Choos

Jimmy Choos


The New York Times Business section had an article about the Jimmy Choo shoe company in the September 24, 2014 edition. According to the Times, the company is getting ready to go public with a stock offering. “Jimmy Choo would become the first publicly traded stand-alone luxury footwear brand.” It said that such a deal — expected to be valued at just over a billion dollars — would “reverberate through the fashion world and beyond to Wall Street.”

The Times article said that after the recent fashion season shows in New York, London and Milan, the era of the “it” bag is over and the era of the shoe is “well underway.” Damn, I guess I missed the “it” bag movement when it was hot and now it’s completely passe. I hope I get up to speed on this “era of the shoe” thing, though. After all, the Jimmy Choo line is reasonably priced at between $525 a pair for flats to $1,795 for thigh-high boots. Okay, maybe this will be another fashion trend I skip.

For Wall Street dealmakers, the luxury shoe designers are “low-hanging fruit” according to the Times Business reporter. The reigning luxury shoe kings are Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. They are relatively small firms run by the original founders or family groups. Jimmy Choo left his namesake business with his co-founder some time ago but the firm is still run by his niece. With great name recognition and sizable revenues, the lure of cashing in and going public is inviting.

Again, according to the Times article, the Choo company is growing and expanding its retail network. It expects to open “five stores a year in China over the next five years.” The equity firm Bain and Company (of Mitt Romney lineage) estimates that China is on the way to “accounting for about a third of all luxury purchases worldwide.” Chairman Mao must be rolling in his grave to see his beloved gray tunic jackets and red-star worker’s caps have been replaced by designer high heels, “it” bags and other bling. It’s a “cultural revolution” indeed.


The New York Times Thursday Styles section on September 18, 2014 had a feature article headlined “For Posteriors’ Sake.” If you hadn’t noticed it, we are living in an era where the derriere has backed its way into the public consciousness in a big way.

i_like_bootySome trace it back to Jennifer Lopez’ iconic roundness, followed by the rap songs’ glorification of all things Booty, Kim Kardashian’s self-promoting behind, and just this year, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover of three be-thonged models, Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda CD cover, Miley Cyrus’ small-assed twerking, and the list can go on.

Besides the celebrity focus on that which sits behind, women are beginning to spend money to treat their buttocks like the object of attention they can become. The “Wanna Betta Butt” jeans promise to lift the gluteus to its maximus in several different styles for between $45 and $60 a pair. For even greater tender loving care for that backside, the spa Skin by Molly in Brooklyn, New York will give your buttocks a treatment for $65 to “smooth out rough skin … just like a facial except for your bum.”

Of course, there is the old fashioned way to keep your can ship shape: the workout. Anna Kaiser, a fitness studio owner said that the bottom “more than anything is something you can change with exercise.” She told the Times that more women are focusing their efforts to work on their buttocks and the videos for butt workouts are selling well. Erika Kendall, a personal trainer, has noticed the rise in interest on backside improvement. She has also noticed that expectations are often unrealistic. “There is an almost cartoonish expectation of having this tiny waist and a oversized behind.” You mean … I can’t have both?

For those who eschew actually working toward a goal of physical perfection, there is always cosmetic surgery. Dr. Shirley Madhere has seen an increase in concern about the bottom as part of the overall hourglass shape most patients are seeking. Interestingly, different ethnicities have different goals, she told the Times. “Caucasians and Asians are seeking a leaner, more athletic build while Latino and African-American patients want a little more projection — not too lean.” I love the word “projection” as a way to describe a literally out-standing ass.

As I mentioned in my September item about short-shorts, the rear-end is not an easy body part for crossdressers to emulate truly feminine curves. But that shouldn’t stop us from observing, studying, and paying close attention to genetic women’s cabooses. It’s for science, y’know.

How about it TGF readers? Will you take Dina’s suggestion and send along a photo of you out and about (no shots at home in front of the drapes) in your Halloween finery? If you we’ll put together a slide show of TGF reader costumes for next Monday’s New Content. Send your photo to Just one photo taken at a public event.

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