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| Sep 11, 2007
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You’re not the only Guy in Drag with Photos, Look at these Taliban Warriors!

The folks at Slate.com ran a pictorial in August 2007 of Taliban member sin Afghanistan. The photos were discovered in Kabul and were believed to be taken in early 2003, before the American bombardment and invasion after the 9/11 tragedy.Taliban in makeup. The photos shown were from a collection of pics uncovered by a freelance photographer named Thomas Dworzak, whose work is seen on-line and in a recently published book about the Taliban photos, from a former passport studio in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The supposition is that the Taliban fighters came to the studio for passport photos and asked for something a little more personal while they were at it.

According to the reports that accompanied the photos—on slate.com and elsewhere—the Taliban warriors were quite taken by the idea of posing for photos. (Sound familiar, ladies?)

Apparently, in Afghan culture, having your photo taken in a flattering pose was very common, and despite the strict prohibiitons of the Taliban, this propensity to be photograped in full regalia was hard to resist for some of the converts.

More Taliban in makeup.What is even more apparent—and confirmed through some of the commentary that accompanied the slate.com photo—essay was that the Taliban has an undercurrent of latent homosexuality and pedophila.

The cache of photos that were uncovered after the fall of the Taliban in Kabul in 2003 shows a lot of the warriors wearing eyeliner, and posed against appealing backgrounds with guns and sometimes in the company of other Taliban members that can only be described as “somewhat gay”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The accompanying words contributed by others with some deeper insight into the Taliban subculture recounts how the members would often “recruit” young boys to be Taliban and then seduce them in their homo-erotic pastimes.
No wonder they ran to the hills when the Marines hit town.

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