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Deeper Into TWIT: Brits Drag up for Charity

| Mar 14, 2011
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In last Monday’s TWIT Ronnie had a story about a British comic who did a dance routine to a Beyoncé song for the British television show Let’s Dance for Comic Relief. Today we dig deeper into the TWIT link.

The show started in February and runs till a final competition in March. It features England’s favorite celebrities paying homage to iconic dance routines in a bid to wow viewers with their moves and a chance to be crowned champion of the dance floor. Comic Relief is a charity that donates money to help the poor throughout the British Isles and overseas.

The comic featured in TWIT was Russell Kane, a popular entertainer in England. With the tradition of drag in British comedy you’d expect some of the comics to dress up. Digging deeper we find there is some serious dressing up going on at Let’s Dance for Comic Relief. Comedy is present in several of the dancer’s routines for the most part the men who have donned feminine apparel to dance in female roles have worked at it. Here are a few videos to prove our point.

Comedian Noel Fielding, co-star of the Brit comedy series The Mighty Boosh, no stranger to eye makeup, made a fetching Kate Bush and danced to her smash hit Wuthering Heights.


Not a black swan but a white swan, Ade Edmondson, famed for his work in the ’80s Brit TV program The Young Ones, goes up on his toes.


A woman posing as a man posing as a woman — model Katie Price channels Freddie Mercury to recreate the Queen video from their song I Want To Break Free.


Last but not least the dance that opened up his feminine side; Russell Kane’s performance as Beyoncé. (Note that he didn’t dance it in heels but wore what the British call trainers.)


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