Deborah’s Story, Part 4 – Purging Decisions

| Sep 4, 2023
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Perhaps the very worst experience of my entire female life happened as I continued to try to go public. I had a job now where I had to travel a few days each week. This gave me the opportunity to dress as Deborah privately in my hotel room and as always I loved every second of it all.

I had also saved about $200 and decided to make a trip to a city several states away. I carefully planned this trip trying to make as much time for Deborah as possible. I found a large shopping mall – and as a male went inside to buy a completely new female outfit – as casual but  sexy as I could find. How I loved shopping for female fashions. Truth is I did not care what the sales associates thought – for I knew there was nothing they could do – or harm me in any way. I started out at a Fredericks of Hollywood store – bought a black padded bra with lots of lace – with a matching pair of panties. Then added a black garter belt and 2 pairs of lace top stockings. On to the next store I bought a white blouse and a tight black knee high skirt. Then a short winter coat with a wraparound belt. Then some jewelry – and another pair of 3 inch high heels. Finally bought more make up – and was now ready for the rest of my trip to the city and my motel.

Checked into the motel as a male – no problem – and then drove around the area to decide on a restaurant or a place to go later as a female.

It was around 3:00 p.m. when I returned to the hotel and and began my male to female transformation – always an exciting time for me.

I removed all the female clothes tags – and soon I was dressed completely as a female – how I loved the feelings I got from all of this – as so many of you all know from your own experiences. Now for the most important part of it all – the makeup and cosmetic work. I did my very best to look as feminine as possible – ending up with a bright red lipstick. I had brought along several wigs and decided on an auburn red long wig – and looking at myself in a long mirror knew this was a feminine as I could ever become. Looking back many years later I must have looked like a male in a sexy dress – but it was the best I could at the time. I pulled on the winter coat – filled my purse with my cash and car keys – and was now ready to take my adventure into a very public world. I admit I was very nervous – reality scarred to death – but equally determined to  make this happen.

Deborah Nicole

How I loved walking around in high heels – and looking down at my legs covered in stockings as I drove my car to the restaurant.

I felt so sexy and comfortable – entered the restaurant – and was guided to my booth with not even a second glance from the restaurant people. How wonderful it felt to be at this restaurant and gaining confidence with every passing minute.

Now it was about 7 p.m., time to leave and go to the movie theatre I had decided to visit. I joined the line to purchase the movie tickets – and walked into the theatre – found a seat and settled back in my chair as happy as any girl could be. Not even sure which movie I had selected – I just knew I was a female out by herself enjoying an evening as any female might do.

About 30 minutes into the movie I suddenly felt a sharp tap on my shoulders – turned around and faced a police officer asking me to step outside.

I did this and realized I had been discovered – the main theatre hallway foyer was filled with hundreds of people – and to my embarrassment here I was being questioned by police in front of everyone. I politely asked if we could all go into a private room – and I was walked to the manager’s office.

And so began an hour of intensive questions with three police officers  – why are you dressed like this? – who are you? – where you from? etc.

I told them all about male family – job – my female lifestyle – everything honestly.

When I asked why I was in this place now – I was told there had been a recent female local murder – and all her clothes had been removed from the scene.

I advised them clearly that I had all the receipts for everything I was wearing in my hotel room – take me there – I will show you.

Instead they took me to their police station – and in front of many more police officers paraded me to a back room – amid all the jeers — terrible name calling — forced to have a mugshot and fingerprints taken – this all before Miranda Rights etc. were in place.

Finally I convinced them to take me back to the hotel room where I could show them my female clothes receipts.

When they saw these items – and my male clothes – verified my identity – family – job etc. – they all began to back off the embarrassing questions.

Then came state police officers who drove me to their state police office – and it all began again.

Finally after about four hours I was told I had a lot to lose dressing like this – and driven back to my hotel room – and finally they left me alone.

There were no apologies – and it was the most terrible embarrassing time of my life to that point.

In middle of this night I dressed as a male and tossed all my female wardrobe into several trash cans around the motel pool areas.

Next morning I watched the motel clean up crew discover my female clothes – and watched as they were thrilled to take away my beautiful wardrobe for themselves.

As I look back all those years – this was my second purging – after leaving England for my immigration trip to the USA.

I swore to myself I would never ever dress in or buy female clothes ever again – but as we all know – within a few months I was back building my female wardrobe once again.

Deborah Nicole

Our deep desires to be a woman will never go away – this is the lifestyle we love and that will never change for our entire lives.

Finally in this part of my life – never ever could I have imagined where I would be 40 years later – and all the female events that would follow.

Today my female wardrobe is 1000 times larger – and filled with every female fashion item any person like us could ever own.

We, my second wife and I, have the largest male to female transformation studios in all of the USA. We welcome 3-4 guests each week and transform them all into beautiful females.

We have three fabulous websites: Male to Female, Trans Queen Studios, and Sierra Beauty Salon.  All fabulous sites and we make so many guests feel so comfortable and self confident.

A lot more about our studios later – we are not here now to make our Sierra Studios busier – or attract more customers.

All this is all about my personal life – and hopefully enjoyed by our members – and perhaps to show you all – you are not alone with your lifestyle preferences. I have ben through the “ good – the bad – the ugly “ of our chosen life. And now I would advise you never ever to purge – live your female life as you wish as much as possible – have no regrets – just be as happy as possible being a female.

PART 5 TO FOLLOW IN ONE MONTH – with much more about Deborah’s life – the Pleasuredome drag nightclub – being head judge of a major drag pageant – getting re married – more children – and the best times of my entire long life so far.

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