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David de Alba — Talking With Spirits

| Apr 11, 2016
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David de Alba, The Cuban Legend, is not only a famed female impersonator but he has lived an interesting life. He is so interesting that he was recently the subject of a soon to be released documentary. Before the entire documentary is available we’ve been treated to some short snippets by way of promoting the entire program. In this promo clip David talks about making contact with the spirits of the departed. Whether you believe that they are real or not listen to David talk about his real life experience with those who have crossed the veil.


David has a one man Judy Garland show coming on April 24 in Las Vegas. Contact David directly for details on the venue and how to get your tickets.

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  1. I had dinner with David during Diva Las Vegas week. I introduced him to a long time fan from the olds days in San Francisco and a new lady who has moved to Las Vegas from Colorado. What an incredible energy we all had during the evening!

    David shared this video with me last week, and it’s very profound! I have my own spiritual idiom which has many similarities; to wit: I believe that my femme self is the Guardian Angel for my boy self. We are two distinct people, but great friends. The spiritual connection has become quite apparent. There is a special connection and energy that surrounds us both. Very calming and helpful.

    Thank you David, for sharing this with all!



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