David de Alba on Stage in Vegas

| May 8, 2017
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May 20 is David de Alba’s birthday. You may wish to send him a birthday greeting. In honor of David’s birthday we present videos of David’s performance in Las Vegas in August 2016 as ‘Boy-Chic’ and ‘Liza’ singing songs from his 1970-1989 years at the world famous Finocchio’s in San Francisco. The show was titled David de Alba, My Golden Years at Finocchio’s and David performs the following songs in the first video:
1. “I’m Gonna Live Until I Die,” his theme song at Finocchio’s.
2. Michelle the Tall presents Mr. de Alba with the Potrero Hill Archives Project’s 2016 Potrero Hill History Award.
3. “Big Spender/Where Am I Going Medley.”
4. “La Tombola,”a second Finocchio’s theme song.
5. David de Alba’s Memories of Finocchio’s.
6. “Smile.”

The show continues in video #2 as David performs:
1. “South Pacific Medley.”
2. Memories of Finocchio’s
3. “La Virgen de la Macarena.”
4. More Memories
5. “This is My Life.”

The third video features David singing:
1. “New York, New York”
2. Memories of Finocchio’s.
3. Mr. de Alba greets friends, fans and family after the show.

Camera operator: Berry Minott. Many thanks to Peter Linenthal for sharing the videos with us.

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  1. Great series of videos presenting the icon of female impersonating…the best of the best…David deAlba. Thanks for sharing these memories with us. Love, Carollyn Olson

  2. This was a a great show. We are surely hoping David can find a new venue for his “Judy” and “Finocchio Club” retrospectives. If you live in Vegas, stay tuned! You must see David perform! Love,

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