Chapter 36 – One More Wedding

| May 8, 2023
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Earlier in the year.

I had no clue what to get Bill for a wedding gift. One day, I looked over our men’s product line and had an idea since I know Bill loves his morning grooming regime. I went online and found a site that sold the old-fashioned straight shaving razors and double-edge safety razors. Recalling when I was young, I saw Dad shaving with the latter and my grandfather shaving with the straight razor. I called Mom and asks her if Dad’s and grandfather’s razors were around somewhere. She said she’d look but didn’t think so.

I ordered Bill two straight razors, one double edge razor with razor blades, and a stand for the razor and his shaving brush. I ordered the piece of leather (than I found out was called a strop) that would, I guessed, would sharpen the razor before shaving with it. The site also said it made them straight razors ‘ready to shave’ (I wondered, why didn’t they already come ready?). They offered a free re-sharpening service too. I saw a cute looking lather bowl and another bowl looking object called a scuttle. I researched them and found the first to make a lather and keep the lather and brush and lather warm. I wondered why we didn’t have some of these products in our men’s grooming line of products. I made a note on my phone to see if we could introduce them to our product line.

They showed up in the mail in less than a week.

When I presented them to Bill, he was so excited. He hung up the leather strap thing in the bathroom, and we both watched YouTube videos on how to use the leather and how to shave with the straight razor.

One Saturday morning, two months before our wedding, Bill said he wanted to take me somewhere and show me something. It wasn’t a long drive. We pulled into this gated and beautifully landscaped community. He pulled into the driveway of a beautiful house and acted as he would only pull back out to turn around. He looked at it a second or two. I saw the sold sign in the front yard. I mentioned to him how charming it looked. Bill put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway. Then he stopped and pulled back up the driveway.

“Welcome to our new home, Savannah .” I thought he was joking, but then he held up and showed me the keys. “Want to take a look?” I was out of the car before Bill could come around to open my car door.

He let me walk in first. Inside were wood floors, high ceilings, and beautiful reliefs. It was four stories, five bedrooms, and 4 ½ baths. The master bedroom was enormous. All the bedrooms had walked in closets. The bathtub had crow’s-feet and sat next to a big bay window overlooking the fenced-in backyar. There were an enormous laundry room and walk-in pantry. The floor of the master bathroom was even heated! I could see a pool and patio deck. Oh, I could get lost in the kitchen. There was a darling breakfast nook and a nice big study for Bill.

“You like it. I need to put your name on the title.”

“No, I don’t like it.” I paused. Bill looked confused at my statement. “I love it!” I gave Bill a huge hug and kiss.

“Bill, you have made me the happiest girl in the world. Again!”

He said, “I think I may rent my condo or use it for visiting clients. What are you going to do with your place?”

“I’ll worry about that later,” I replied. I recalled Mom always says that.

We walked about talked about whose furniture would go where and what we may need for it. Bill said,

“My mattress is getting old. I was thinking about a new bed for us and putting the ones we have in the other bedrooms.” I stood there, nodding in approval at everything he said.

“When can you move, Savannah ?”

“Yesterday. I could have moved yesterday.” Bill laughed.

“I’ll arrange movers for you three Saturdays from today and mine the following weekend if you want.” He showed me a picture of this bed he was considering or said I could pick one. We walked through a sliding door onto the patio. There was a little shed in the back, probably for lawn tools. I nice big partly covered wooden deck and a beautiful pool for the summer.

“Savannah, decorate it however you wish.”

When, where, and how Bill found time to do all of this with his busy schedule, I had no idea. I led him back up to the master bedroom and gave him a blowjob. Bill smiled and said with a grin, “You know, Savannah, I seem to work a whole lot better and win cases faster because of your blowjobs.”

“Really?”With raised eyebrows and a smirky smile as I looked him into his blue eyes, I slightly tilted my head to the right and toward him. “Or do you simply want more of them?” Bill grinned, nodded yes.

“I’ll make us lunch at my place.” I made turkey sandwiches and gluten-free chips for lunch. We chatted about the house and started making lists. I cleaned up the dishes, and Bill was going to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mister? You haven’t had dessert.”

One Saturday morning, Bill was mixing up his shave lather and to get ready to shave. He liked the straight razors on weekends since he had more time.

“Care to shave me, Savannah .”

“What? What if I cut you?” He said he wouldn’t hold it against me.

I watched a video once more. I was amazed how smoothly these vintage-style razors shaved and learned I didn’t need any pressure. It surprised me that I could hear each hair being cut off. I was a bit more nervous, shaving Bill’s neck. He rinsed his face, and I patted him dry. Next, I massaged in some moisturizer on his face, sprinkled some aftershave on his face. I felt his smooth skin with my fingers.

“There, smooth as a baby’s bottom.” I kissed his cheek. I told myself not to become a barber in my next career.

Our wedding was just over a two-weeks away. Mother returned with Gwen and Dr. and Mrs. Franklin. Bill’s parents were coming flying in not long after. Bill booked a block of rooms at the Hilton for everyone and to use his corporate rate. But Mother and Gwen stayed in my condo. Bill had a room for me to get ready for my big day.

Both Bill and I had our bachelor and bachelorette parties respectfully. Mom seemed more nervous than I was. Everything was in place and ready to transpire. Mother, Sis, and I wanted a lovely dinner one night together, and Bill said to use the Club for it. He said he added my name to his account, and I could go whenever I wished or take girlfriends or clients to lunch. All the rehearsals were finally over, and the wedding dinner was tomorrow evening at the Skyline.

Bill’s best man was James Kerning, who I met in New York with his charming wife, Mary. Earlier I overheard James ask Bill again if I was of legal age to marry. At the dinner, Jim’s toast to Bill and me had some of the kindest words I have ever heard. Sis gave a nice sweetest Matron of Honor toast, too, and made me happy and special to be her little sister. Dr. Franklin stood up and caused flooding of tears in all the Thomas ladies’ eyes. He spoke to Bill about how happy he was for Bill and me and how much of an honor it was to present me to Bill. I always wondered if he and Mrs. Franklin remembered Kenny or how I seemed to appear and be miraculously adopted by my Mother. Perhaps by now, it did not matter. I was Savannah Thomas and soon to be Mrs. Savannah Thomas Comings. It is customary for the bride to drop her middle name in the South and use her surname as her middle name.

I showed Mom and Sis our new home. I made lunch of a salad and sandwiches. I spilled something all over my top and went to our bedroom to change it. I had to change my bra too because of a stain. I had left the door cracked open. I was sitting on our bed. I had just taken off my bra, and Sis walks in.

“Savannah, I am so sorry.”

“Come on in, Sis. “They’re only breasts. I remember way back in Jr. High when I walked in on you? You said, as long I was Savannah, I could stay. If I were your brother, you’d kick the heck out of him or something like that. I’ve never forgotten how beautiful you and your breasts looked.”

“Thank you. Yours are equally as beautiful, Savannah. Exactly how you have managed to stay so petite and slim?” I did not answer, and I changed, and we headed back downstairs.

All three of us sat around the kitchen table, and I said that I am not at all unhappy. Gwen caught me in her lingerie drawers and dressed me. I told Mother and Gwen how much I cherish the love and support they have shown and given me over the years. Because of you two and Bill, I am finally content and happy with my professional and private life.

Saturday morning, after the salon (both Gwen and I went together), I was in my room at the hotel preparing to get married. Mrs. Comings gave me something blue to wear, and Mother gave me a stunning pearl necklace as a gift and to wear. I had nothing borrowed! Gwen took off her bracelet and handed it to me. I recalled giving her my bracelet for her wedding for something borrowed. I, too, was now fully covered in tradition.

Bill had sent a beautiful bouquet to the room for me to carry. Mother and Gwen left for the church. I wanted them to ride with me, but they insisted the limousine was for Dr. Franklin and me. Not long after they departed, Dr. Franklin knocked on my door.

“Ready, Savannah ?” I took a deep breath and stood up tall, stretched my neck and pulled my shoulders down and back, and opened the door with a smile.

“Yes, yes, I am, Dr. Franklin.” He offered me his arm and escorted me to the limo. In the limo, I told him how much I appreciated him being here. In less than ten minutes, I was standing with Sis outside the chapels’ door. The music started. I took another deep breath, smiled, and Dr. Franklin offered me his arm and escorted me slowly down the aisle. Bill looked so handsome standing next to his friend, James. Dr. Franklin seemed to take quite a while talking to Bill and telling Bill such kind and sweet words. Bill smiled and nodded and thanked him and shook his hand. I loved how Dr. Franklin so eloquently presented my hand to Bill.

Before our pastor said a word, Bill looked at me and told me I looked amazing. Like Gwen’s wedding, I was in a trance and felt like a princess in Mother’s wedding dress.

“Dearly beloved. . . Do you. . .?” I do remember us saying our vows and exchanging rings. Eventually, “I pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride.” Bill lifted my veil back over my head, and we kissed. I was floating again. If the chapel didn’t have a roof, I might have drifted away to the clouds if I didn’t have Bill to hold on to.

Back at the Skyline Club, we stood in line for everyone to congratulate us, plus a million pictures. It was especially nice to see Diane, Donna, and Sara. Dr. Franklin danced with me as the Father of the Bride. Both he and Bill danced with my Mother and Gwen. Bill and cut our cake. I had goosebumps all day long but not from being cold.

Donna caught my bouquet, and we were off to Sandals Montego Bay for our honeymoon.

Bill had a small jet take us directly to the island. In the room, I put my arms around Bill’s shoulders and kissed him. Then looking lovingly into his blue eyes, I said, “Mrs. Comings is ready to consummate her marriage with her husband!” It didn’t take Bill long to take off his clothes. We kissed, touched, nibbled, and teased him that he couldn’t stand it much longer.

Bill reached for a condom and lube. I put the condom back on the table.

“Love me, Bill.” I experienced my first ‘wet spot.’

Montego Bay was heavenly. I’ve always dreamt of coming to one of these all-inclusive couples’ only romantic resorts. The water was smooth as glass and emerald blue, and we had a small private pool. Bill stayed horny a lot, but I think I may have helped encourage him. I got a lot of sun and sunned topless too. Bill went scuba diving and played golf one day. Most of the days, we were simply in love with each other, relaxing and playing on the beach and in the ocean. Bill took me snorkeling one day. We enjoyed our time with each other. Oh, the restaurants — the food was delicious. At night I wore a sundress or sarong with only my swimsuit top or a cocktail dress. Bill wore a blazer or white dinner jacket. The week flew by too quickly. I asked Bill if we could live here.

Back to Chicago. The car pulled us into our driveway, and Bill left our baggage outside. After unlocking the front door, Bill swooped me up in his arms and kissed me, and said,

“I love you, Savannah .”

“I love you too, Bill.” We kissed, and he carried me across the threshold.

Next: Terror.

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