CDS Bookstand Comes to TGForum

| Jan 30, 2012
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Our publisher, JoAnn Roberts, has brought her CDS Bookstand to the members of TGForum. Now, registered members of TGForum can purchase select CDS publications at 50% off the regular retail price and you can do it without leaving TGForum. Look for “The Bookstand” in the menu bar and take a look at what CDS is offering.

JoAnn’s Art & Illusion: A Guide to Crossdressing is in short supply with very few copies left. So, hurry if you want one for your library. Also available are Coping With Crossdressing, Speaking As A Woman, and The Transsexual’s Survival Guides I and II.

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I am a writer, editor and educator. I was one of the 5 founders of the Renaissance Transgender Education Assoc., and have served on the boards of IFGE and AEGIS. I've published several books on CD/TS/TG subjects. My how-to books are available at the CDS Bookstand ( I am most proud of "Coping With Crossdressing: Tools and Strategies for Couples in Committed Relationships". I was an early TG political activist and one of the co-founders of GenderPAC. I wrote and published a Bill of Gender Rights in December 1990. I've appeared on several television shows and in the movie "All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go". I published "LadyLike" magazine for 18 years, as well as "EnFemme" magazine and "International TranScript". (JoAnn passed away in June of 2013.)

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  1. victoria victoria says:

    sarah, I was thinking about asking JoAnn that too. It would be great to be able to view them all in digital form, especially the rare ones. I don’t think it would be too difficult to scan them all (if JoAnn has copies of all the back issues), though it would be a bit time consuming. I have some old En Femme magazines I’d love to see preserved too.

  2. sarah_jean sarah_jean says:


    Is there any chance you could release the old Lady Like magazine on a DVD. I have about 80% of the issues and love re-reading them. Sometimes I will get them all out and leaf through them. I love looking at all the stories. It was a really great publication.



  3. victoria victoria says:

    That is a shame, though I suppose with the internet nowadays it is hard compete with all of the free resources out there. Your Art and Illusion guides were invaluable to me back 15 years ago when I was first starting off. I even have the first one (the one Phil Donahue held up on his show when you were a guest.)

  4. joann joann says:

    Victoria: No, there will not be a Vol. 4. The Deluxe Edition is the last one I will write.

  5. victoria victoria says:

    JoAnn, will there eventually be an Art and Illusion Vol. 4, or is this the end of the run?

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