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Breaking News: Let’s be careful out there.

| Dec 30, 2008
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Those who keep track of the numbers have already warned this would be a record year for GLBT murders. And as if you underline that point, five more people, two possibly trans have been killed in the last few days.

Indianapolis Police reported Monday that the bodies of two people had been found on the city’s northeast side. Police do not identify the gender or sexual identity of the victims, but the story is listed on Stopping the Hate, a GLBT information site.

And Out in New Orleans says three men were found murdered in a home in the 7th Ward. One of them was wearing women’s clothing.

Memphis has had its share of anti-trans violence. ABC 24 says it’s because TGs can’t find jobs, and find themselves working the streets.

Meanwhile the Ventura County Star is looking back at 2008, and remembering the short life of Lawrence King.

And if you think these are all isolated incidents, the Associated Press says “nope.”

Are you sick yet? Are you outraged? Do you want to make it stop? Visit the NCTE. Happy new year.

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