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| Sep 8, 2008
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Monday again and all the news is right here on TGForum. We start off today with a word (right below this post) from our Editor/Publisher, Miss JoAnn Roberts concerning her choice in the coming presidential election. Now I wonder who it could be?

Right after JoAnn’s political statement Ronnie Rho takes us on a whirlwind journey of TWIT. (This Week in Transgenderism.) She’s got links to all the hot stories —  from Harry Potter‘s longing for glamor to the US companies with the best attitudes Aderettoward GBLT people to transgender Legos and Salmun Rushdie‘s exploration of India’s TS Underworld.

Closely following TWIT is Pamela DeGroff’s Transvocalizer column. Today’s subject is the hot Israeli transsexual singer Aderet. Pamela chats with Aderet and gives us the whole story on the singer’s success and her popularity with Arab audiences in this TGF exclusive.

Next up is Lexy Tranner, Weekend CD. What more can we say? You can’t give away the plot in the promo blurb! Read the toon and see for yourself.

Pandora BoxxLuna continues her coverage of RuPaul’s Drag Race this week with some hot news about the upcoming Logo show and the introduction of another of the fabulous queens who auditioned on the Drag Race website.

We wrap up the new content for this week (remember, it’s always new content on Monday!) with a blog from Stephanie Yates titled Love’s Higher Law. Not one to shy away from complex TG issues Stephanie takes on the difference between men (TG) and women (GG) when it comes to what they expect in a relationship. Are women expecting too much? Read Stephanie’s blog and decide.

That’s it for this Monday. Please add your two cents to any of the content by posting it as a comment. If you have any trouble making a comment please email me immediately. Enjoy!

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