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An Introduction & Shameless Promotion of the Southern Comfort Conference

| Jan 19, 2015
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SCC's hotel pool and bar.

SCC’s hotel pool and bar.

I’d like to thank Angela for allowing me to write a column for TGForum, and Alexis Dee for asking me to become Director of Communications for the Southern Comfort Conference this year. Hopefully, neither will regret those decisions in the next few minutes.

I attended my first conference in 2000, a fledgling transgender person who had yet to go out very often, or had ever been this far from home as herself. Over a week I found out that it was a lot easier to be out than I thought, that getting lost was not always a bad thing, that there were a lot of people like myself and that I truly did fit in.  SCC soon became an annual part of my life. I’d see friends, make new ones, learn about myself and about what being transgender meant to others.

The hotel's ballroom.

The hotel’s ballroom.

I can mark events in my life to what happened at SCC that year. A lot of very happy times happened there, a few sad ones, and some truly odd ones. And I grew — as a transgender person, as a person, as a friend and as a part of the community. I went from naively creating a Yahoo group because I wanted to keep in touch with people to becoming a voice for a conference I believe in and want to make better.

And that’s what all of us who volunteer for SCC every year do — try to make it better. We do it out of a love for the conference, for our community. We’ve gone from a small hotel to where we will occupy an entire resort for the twenty-fifth anniversary Southern Comfort Conference this year. And moving from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale means greater opportunities.

It is a huge change, and a chance to expand SCC’s reach. We hope you’ll join us, and see where we are going. For more information, check out our website or Facebook page.


Zelda Rose is Director of Communications for the Southern Comfort Conference. It’s got something to do with social media, press releases, and answering questions from a bunker in Dallas. She has very understanding spouse and four cats who are less so. She used to call herself a Gothic Diva, and is still one at heart. Her email is, and she is on Facebook and Twitter @divamissz.

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Countess in exile. Transgender, kinky in a good way, loves kitties, corsets, gloves, classic fashion and coffee. Director of Communications, Southern Comfort Conference, 2014-present

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