Amazing Cosplay Star — Crome Moe

| Mar 7, 2016
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Crome Moe as himself.

Crome Moe as himself.

A Chinese man who works as a teacher is an ardent participant in cosplay, dressing up as female characters from anime and attending cosplay conventions. His name is Crome Moe and the photo at the right is how he looks everyday as he goes about his job. But when the weekends of cosplay conventions arrive he undergoes what can only be considered an amazing transformation. The girls of anime are all very feminine, petite and shy. Even the warrior girls have these characteristics to some extent. You can see from Crome Moe’s photo that he has the advantage of a small face with regular, fairly un-masculine features. As he portrays his many female cosplay characters he has a real edge on more manly looking cosplayers doing female characters. Enough of an edge to make his characters startling. Check out the thirteen looks he produces in the slide show below.

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More photos and information about Chrome Moe, in a story about how he was recognized by one of his students who attended the same cosplay event, can be found on the RocketNews24 website. Thanks to Amanda F. for the story lead.

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