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Agender Youth View: Catching up With M

| Nov 19, 2018
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Hey Guys!

I guess this post will just be a general life update. Lots has gone on in the past month. I’ve made new friends (who respect my pronouns), I had a girlfriend for two weeks (long story), and I signed up for my classes in the spring (which I’m really excited about). So let’s get into it!

So let’s start with friends. I’ve recently joined a new friend group, and I didn’t even have to tell them my pronouns; they asked! I met them at “the pit” as they call it. The pit is a smoking area on campus. It’s a nice place, and yes, I am a smoker. We talk about a lot there, and they always try to include me in the conversations. I was scared of them when I first started going there, but they’re all really nice people. It feels nice to know I have friends on campus. And I’ve actually even made friends who I’d like to hang out with outside of school. I’ve never really had many friends, so it feels nice to be included in a group.

Okay, next: the girlfriend story. Have you ever gotten into a relationship only to realize it won’t work out? Yeah, that’s what happened. She is a very nice person, but there were some things that ended the relationship.The relationship did bring me to a realization though; I am not into polyamory. I know I was in a polyamorous relationship before, but I’ve grown as a person, and I’ve realized that I don’t want to share my partner with anyone. I just want someone who is mine. It didn’t end badly. I explained to her why I thought it wouldn’t work out, and she understood. We’re still friends, and we talk sometimes. This relationship did help me grow as a person, and in the end that’s what teenage relationships are for, right?

And finally, classes. Just as a reminder, I go to my local community college. I am currently taking two classes, but I’m going to try four next semester. I’m excited to start them. I’m most excited to take a class on Shakespeare. I really like Shakespeare, so it should be a really fun class. I’m also taking English 102, which I have to take for my general education requirements. That one will probably be fun, even though it’s mostly research essays. Then there is a math class that I have to take, and I’m taking an improv class to fulfill my public speaking requirement. I’m not too excited for the math class, but I am excited for the improv. That one should be fun.

What do you guys think of all this? I’m happy to have made friends, grown as a person, and I’m excited to start classes in the spring. I feel like things are going well for me, more or less. If you have any questions or things to say, leave a comment on this post. I’ll see you guys next month!

Blessed Be,


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M is an 18-year-old agender person who lives in Pennsylvania. They about to enter senior year of high school. Their preferred pronouns are they/them. Their favorite things are music, poetry, and dogs. M is an aspiring writer, activist, and psychologist. They look forward to being a part of the TG Forum community, and would love to share their perspective of the world.

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