Accessorize Summer Outfits for Fall Wear

| Sep 30, 2019
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LBD with yellow accessories.

Dear Readerettes, So, it’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn over here on the Eastern Seaboard; tans are getting fainter, bathing suits showing their age, fewer beach trips—BUT! It’s still HOT as all get-out, and I don’t think most of us are all that excited about changing from flirty skirts to thermal shirts. How to seamlessly blend into Fall?  


Oh yeah. This is a great answer to most fashion questions! Say you’re going to some fancy event, and you have a white pique dress that fits you like gangbusters, and you REALLY want to wear it! But it looks so summery. Add a red or orange belt and jewelry, and maybe even red heels—PRESTO! Instant seasonal change. Go for an orange jacket. Or some emerald-toned linen and you’re good to go.

An orange bag.

The same works for other summery pieces. Love those pink capris? Pair them with some RED accents, maroon or brown accessories! And linen is SO not just for summer; it can glide all the way into winter, depending on 1) where you live and 2) how you dress it up. Those of you who are lucky enough to be able to dazzle in yellow can do so now, old school. Yellow is a swell accent to most colors, and a warmer, harvesty-yellow is perfect right now.

I saw a photo of a very cute friend of mine in a snazzy black dress; she had ramped it up with RED shoes and jewelry, and looked adorable. In fact, I recommend red shoes, especially if they are flirty and on the edge of naughty. Mine wore out, need to pick up some more. . . .

Red heels.

Don’t be afraid of color! It can do SO much to brighten up your spirit, face and hair. Purple, red, orange, yellow, vibrant dark greens, warm and cuddly brown tones, mix these into your basic wardrobe, and you will get much more out of it. And get yourselves some RED SHOES!

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