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ABC TV Orders Crossdressing Pilot

| May 16, 2011
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Aumary Nolasco is Angel

No, it’s not a show about a pilot who crossdresses. It’s the pilot episode of a show called Work It. The premise, as often happens in situation comedy, is a bit weak. Two car salesmen lose their jobs and after deciding that women make the big bucks (what planet is this?) they dress up as ladies and get jobs as pharmaceutical reps. Reps are the ladies who go from doctor’s office to doctor’s office all day dropping off drug samples and free lunch for the doctor and his staff. If you ask me someone at ABC is on some kind of drugs.

While we all love to see characters crossdress on television they almost never do it well. Particularly in comedies. They usually look like men in women’s clothes but for some magical reason no one they meet seems to notice. Don’t you wish you had that kind of passing ability? Most of the ladies I have met who work as pharmaceutical reps have all been attractive women. The companies do that on purpose so the doctors will want to meet with them. If the two crossdressed guys in Work It don’t look a bit sexy how are they going to get hired in the first place?

Benjamin Koldyke plays Lee.

And, we all know the kind of work it takes to look like a sexy woman. It’s not a skill set you just pick up overnight so you can go to the job interview.  But there I go, expecting something reality based. What was I thinking? I’m sure it’s all played strictly for laughs. I imagine that at some point in the pilot one of the “girls”will walk into the women’s restroom by mistake. One of their male co-workers or one of the doctors is bound to develop a passionate crush on one of them. Expect all the gags we saw on Bosom Buddies decades ago.

The producers say dressing up and working as women, “. . . makes them better men, husbands and fathers, but also makes them appreciate the sanctuary of their nights at the bar where they can be themselves.”

How can they spend nights hanging out in a bar when they have hose to wash out, wigs to style and outfits to choose for work? If we’re lucky (or is that unlucky?) we will learn the answers to all our questions when the show airs. The thing about pilots though is that many of them never get seen by anyone but the network executives. Maybe if enough of them are guys wearing panties under their suits Work It will end up on the fall schedule. Maybe it won’t suck.

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