A Dina’s Diner Special — Britney’s 30!

| Dec 3, 2011
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Last year in one of my Dina’s Diner columns I noted that Britney Spears was turning 29. Well, on December 2, 2011 (today, as I write this) she turned 30. That was at one time the mark of going over the hill, age-wise.

Britney started out her pop career — after an earlier Mousketeers career — as the premier piece of jail-bait pop-princess. She progressed through her teen years as the innocent-sexy chick of schoolboy (and older “schoolboys”) fantasy to become in her later teen years and early twenties a smokin’ hot video and concert songstress.

I hated the music but I loved the images of Britney. She seemed to have a complete understanding of what it takes to be a star in today’s culture. But her calculated image was what made her more interesting to me. Because you could see somewhere in those exaggerated moves and sexy postures the Louisiana girl within her. She reminded me of a young Madonna, who also had a calculated approach to her image and progression thorough her show business career.

And she did the kiss with Madonna at the VMA show, which was super hot at the time. Later, it became a cliche for other women looking for attention or a quick laugh by kissing another female icon. That kiss with Madonna alone is a piece of popular culture iconography now.

Then it all seemed to come apart at the seams as Britney did one dumb thing after another: a beaver shot of her stepping out of a limo; marrying and divorcing two guys who were her lesser-halves; shaving her head impetuously; getting a little fat; seeming to lose her head for awhile.

But somehow she came back from all that weirdness and is once again at the forefront of pop music. You have to wonder if all the singing girls who came up through the years that Britney was on top — and even at the bottom — of her career weren’t influenced by her style and media savvy. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Shakira, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, all seemed to take a page out of Britney’s book to copy in one form or another. Brit’s Baby One More Time landed in 1999 and Oops I Did It Again in 2000. When she was 18 and 19 years old.

It’s a different world for sexy girls with a plan so don’t feel too bad that you (or any of us) weren’t a star at that age — if that’s what we wanted to be — by our late teen years like Britney. But let’s congratulate this lady Britney as she turns the corner to full-fledged adulthood as a 30 year old. And still smokin’ hot — again.

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