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A Christine-Jane Cartoon 6/15

| Jun 15, 2015
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Category: Transgender Fun & Entertainment


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Christine-Jane poked gentle fun at the crossdressing community's foibles and fears for many years. Her cartoons have appeared in many community publications. She is a native of England. She passed away in February of 2016. She is survived by her wife.

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  1. The idea for this came from the lovely Merissa Sherryl Lynn when she was editor of Tapestry. She suggested several of the cartoons which I had published in Tapestry; used to send me gorgeous little pin-men sketches of her ideas and I’d convert them into my style (?) of drawing. Note that there’s a little ‘MSL’ bottom left of ‘toon in recognition of her idea! We lost contact after she left IFGE, which has always been a regret of mine because she was a nice person to know.

breast forms