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Twits for the Week 10/9/23

| Oct 9, 2023
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the Republicans of nearly shutting down the government in order to fulfill their obsession with denying gender-affirming medical care. An article in Them notes that at least 45 riders were proposed to amend must-pass legislation with anti-transgender bills. For losing sight of what really matters, and for failing to notice that their predictions of so many desisters has never come close to coming true, the anti-transgender section of the Republican party gets a Twit Award.

Martina Navratilova has been a proponent of keeping transgender athletes out of women’s sports. This week, she told Daniel Radcliffe to “Just be quiet Daniel. Be quiet.” Asked why she made the remark, she said, “Because females need their sex-based spaces, that means no biological males, however, they might identify. That includes sports and the locker rooms.” When asked for a comment on the topic, she declined, saying that her previous comments show her thoughts. But, her previous comments say that she thinks people transition just to win athletic awards, then detransition. For referring back to comments which show a lack of understanding of human nature and a lack of understanding of how hormone therapy effects the body, and for telling Daniel Radcliffe to “just be quiet,” without actually engaging with his statements, Martina Navratilova gets a Twit Award. This story comes from Yahoo News.

Members of an English competitive fishing team refused a transgender former teammate a spot on the team for a tournament. No, they are not themselves transphobic–they have had this transgender teammate in the past. And the people who run the tournament have cleared the transgender woman to compete. The problem is other teams. Other teams have had a habit of refusing to socialize with this English team when they had the transgender woman on their team. When they did not have a transgender woman on their team, the other teams were much more willing to socialize. For ostracizing a team with a transgender woman, the other teams in this fishing competition get a Twit Award. The Daily Mail has this story.

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court ruled that a web designer could refuse to create a website for a same-sex couple who were getting married. It turns out that the request was not real. Now, it turns out that an investigation by The Washington Post reveals that the Alliance Defending Freedom, the group who handled the case, has been manufacturing evidence for some time. They created companies and signed off on the policies of these companies, specifically to create evidence for their case. For creating fake situations specifically to push against the rights of others, the Alliance Defending Freedom get a Twit Award.

As we mentioned in the news, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made some comments that belittle transgender people. He told the Conservative party conference that they shouldn’t be “bullied” into believing that “people can be any sex that they want. A man is a man, and a woman is a woman. That’s just common sense.” Actually, it is a tautology. Moreover, it fails to include intersex people, who too often get pushed into a category that defies their biology. PinkNews reports that he dug the hole deeper in an interview. For using science to prove a point which science feels is at best incomplete and overly simplistic, and for denying evidence that his policy is providing far less than the best results, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak gets a Twit Award.

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