Twit Awards for the Week 9/12/22

| Sep 12, 2022
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The Washington Post has an article about Texas investigating families for allowing their transgender children to transition genders, even just socially. In it, we find that the state of Texas is arguing in court that Governor Greg Abbott cannot be sued because he “is not responsible for enforcing Texas’s prohibitions on child abuse.” True, but he told those who are responsible how to do their jobs, and threatened to fire those who did not investigate what he wants investigated. For insisting that the governor cannot be sued because he does not personally carry out the law he created and demands others carry out for him, the state of Texas gets a Twit Award.

Matt Walsh is still upset that his latest movie, which is actually a collection of anti-transgender lies, is not getting a wider audience. He is angry at Everbrite, an online ticketing service, for not allowing people to create screening events for his film. The company said, “We do not permit events, content, or creators that promote or encourage hate, violence or harassment towards others and/or oneself.” For creating a supposed documentary which violates an anti-hate policy, and for insisting that they violate their policy to host his event, Mat Walsh gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

In her never-ending quest to promote herself as a culture warrior, Marjorie Taylor Greene said of Joe Biden, “This is coming from a man that supports castrating boys with so called ‘gender affirming care’ before they are even old enough to vote.” For dismissing gender research and the actual nature of gender affirming care without any argument against it, for hyperbole, and for general nuttiness, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Tucker Carlson released his latest big blast, an “in depth” report, entitled, “Transgressive: Cult of Confusion.” Of course, Tucker is far more confused than are the children he is reporting on. The report dwells on desisters, but for some reason, never mentions new research which finds that well over 90% of transgender children had not become desisters during the first five years of the study. This was so contrary to the expectations from the bad early study whose results still form the basis of expectations for anti-transgender people, that researchers decided to share their findings early. For continuing to use bad data despite evidence that it is bad, and for presuming that the existence of any desisters means every transgender person will desist in time, Tucker Carlson gets a Twit Award. Fox News has this story.

(By the way, in that report, Tucker Carlson went out of his way to attack a trans ally, country singer Maren Morris. She then authorized tee-shirts with Tucker’s phrase about her, “Lunatic country music person,” along with her picture and the phone number for a transgender youth hotline. The Los Angeles Times reports that sales of the tee-shirts has raised $100,000 for the trans charity so far.)

The New York Post has a story in which so-called “experts” predict that gender-affirming care will “backfire.” Again, the report fails to mention the study which found only 2.5% of transgender children who started gender-affirming care had gone back to their birth gender in the first five years of the study. They also mention the closure of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, but fail to mention that two new sites will replace it. For leaving a false impression of the reason for the closure as well as a false impression of the impact of the closure, and for thinking that anyone who agrees with their uninformed view is an “expert,” the New York Post gets a Twit Award.

Web hosting service Cloudflare finally agreed to drop Kiwi Farms as a client. Kiwi Farms is a noxious site which doxed the family of Debi Jackson, because she allowed her daughter to transition genders. (You can read about it here.) They were also known to dox Clara Sorrenti, who calls herself Keffals on TikTok. For resorting to publishing the addresses of transgender people and their families as a way to let people protest them, while maintaining their own privacy, the people behind Kiwi Farms get a Twit Award. This story comes from PinkNews.

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