Twit Awards for the Week 7/25/22

| Jul 25, 2022
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

In the same week when Twitter announced that the use of the word “groomer” would be banned, the social media giant allowed Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tweets deadnaming Dr. Rachel Levine to remain on the platform, claiming it was “in the public interest.” That excuse might work, if this were something new. However, her anti-transgender views are well known, and really, it’s time to stop giving her a platform. For promoting anti-transgender sentiment, and for not removing hate speech, Twitter gets a Twit Award. The Advocate has this story.

Fox News reports that the newly-introduced “Trans Bill of Rights” legislation will destroy women’s rights. The big example they use is that rape crisis centers would now help transgender women who are raped. Apparently, Fox News is unaware that transgender women do indeed get raped. For promoting a political cause, using scare tactics that don’t have near the basis in reality that the authors think they have, Fox News gets a Twit Award.

Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander and Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti responded to anti-transgender bullying on Twitch. Not only did the platform not support them, the platform suspended their accounts. The indefinite suspension comes just as Sorrenti was about to release a report about anti-transgender abuse on the platform. For supporting bullies over the people receiving the abuse, and for timing which denies a platform to someone who wants to report abuse, Twitch gets a Twit Award. This story comes from them.

U.S. Representative Tim Burchett recently tweeted, “Women cannot impregnate women. It appears that Mr. Minor is exploiting a loophole in New Jersey’s woke legal system, and the only apology owed is to his crime victims.” The tweet is referring to the New Jersey transgender woman who is accused of impregnating two fellow prisoners. For oversimplification, for name calling (“woke”), and for ignoring the possibility that the pregnancies were caused by male prison guards, Congressman Tim Burchett gets a Twit Award. WBIR-TV has this story.

A school board candidate in Santa Rosa County, Florida, said that doctors who prescribe puberty blockers “should be hanging from the nearest tree.” You can see even more of the quotes at The Pensacola News Journal. For un-ironically taking the opposite of a pro-life position, for failing to understand the science behind the medical treatment of transgender adolescents before talking about it, and for a painful reminder of how upholders of “traditional values” have behaved in the past, Alisabeth Janai Lancaster gets a Twit Award.

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