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Trans People in Sports

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    I followed the recent withdrawal of Brooklyn Ross from a women’s tennis tournament in Wyoming a few weeks ago. Brooklyn is a 27-year-old who transition to a woman 6 years ago. She is a NCAA Division II tennis player and received honorable mentions in her conference during the 2022 season. I saw that her college record was 26 wins and 7 defeats. So, cis women do defeat her. I watched a few videos of her playing tennis and I saw an attractive woman who loves the game of tennis.
    Anyway, she entered the Wyoming tournament in order to play against some female competition. However, all hell broke out once a few people found out that Brooklyn was a transgendered woman. Brooklyn decided to withdraw from the tournament since she did not want to turn the tournament into a circus.
    As I mentioned in a post on 4/24, I have followed Trans women in sports since Renee Richards in the mid 1970s. Brooklyn’s story reminds me so much of what Renee Richards had to endure. As I also mentioned something inside of me cannot say that a Trans woman should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports. I am now a Brooklyn Ross fan.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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