The Occasional Woman: Summer Styles!

| Jun 6, 2022
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A very cute summer dress.

Hello Dear Readers! And welcome to Not Winter — I am so happy to be less-dressed. And I have been mining the Internet for fashion gold. I found a bunch of good stuff, and some seriously ridiculously awful things, too. My main mission in warm weather is to Not Get Visibly Sweaty, and to look as cute as is humanly possible. This generally means light-color, featherweight clothing, and skimpy dresses. And SANDALS! Fortunately, all of these things are still great for warm weather fashion.

A few of the big trends for late spring/early summer are just wonderful. The best is the plain white tank top-it’s like what used to be known as a “beater”, kind of like a dressy men’s white undershirt-tank. It is sleeveless, with a round neckline, and is rather fitted. I already have a few, and they go with just about anything! Think a snazzy little summer skirt, or a jeans skirt — pair it with a white tank top and some cute jewelry, and you will look and feel cool and adorable. Cropped pants (although I look like a sad beagle in them) are also still with us, and go well with the tank. In the same vein, the micro-mini skirt is back; if you’ve got the legs for it — and I expect that you do-by all means, snag a nice short skirt and off to the races you go!

A jean skirt paired with a white tank top will always work.

Another style that gets a big ole thumbs-up from me is linen. Linen is a very lightweight, open-weave fabric made from the flax plant, and has been around from almost the beginning of time. And for a good reason! It is very breathable, so it keeps you cool; it also wrinkles a lot, but STILL manages to look classy as hell anyway. I love linen. A linen blouse, open over a tank top will be fashionable and comfortable until our species dies out. I always keep a pair of black linen pants and a loose, long-sleeve linen blouse around for hot weather.

A bucket hat.

Unfortunately, some of the other “fashion does” are just awful. Case in point — bucket hats. These dowdy chapeaux are mainly good for babies and teenagers; they are useful for the beach, or for slugging down some cheap wine outside of the liquor store. No, I can’t recommend the Bucket Hat for people who want to look fabulous.

If your midriff looks like this then by all means show it off.

The “bare midriff” is a big thing now; if you have a very flat stomach and no shame, by all means wear this. The midriff is the area between the navel and the bottom band of your bra. As usual, this style is aimed at very young, tightly toned woman; if I did it, people would throw things at me. I know some of you will ROCK this look!

Some other styles being touted are: crochet and net outerwear, like wearing granny squares — it’s a NO from me. Cut-outs in your clothing?Maybe, but probably not. Maybe a little bitty sweater over a swell dress. Psychedelic prints, also a maybe. Could be best as accents, like a scarf.

So, there you go! Please enjoy the warmer weather, sandal-wearing, and those lovely summer dresses!

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