Take My Husband, Please!

| May 2, 2016
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For the last few columns I have been reporting about a friend of mine, here known as ‘our heroine’, and how she found herself thrust in to the middle of a domestic dispute when Susan, the wife of Stan an admirer friend of hers, confronted her by e-mail and basically told her she was welcome to him.

That began a fairly lengthy series of e-mail exchanges between the two ladies as they discussed relationships, the possible roots of an admirer’s attraction to us girls and a number of other topics. One reveal by Susan had me reading and re-reading. She confessed she would have been willing to play in a threesome with Stan and the right t-girl friend if only she had been “invited to the party.”

So what did our heroine do? It seems she started to make a play for Susan but nothing came of it when Susan announced that she already had a date for the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve our heroine announced she had a plan of her own. She wrote to Susan:

… It looks as if I’ll be alone for New Year’s as well. I’m thinking of putting an ad on Craig’s List looking for a man to take me out to a New Year’s party but not one at some gay club. I mean at a real dinner restaurant with real dancing. I wonder what the chances are of finding someone.

I know she placed the ad. I saw it. In hindsight I wish I had saved it. She laid it all out there. She placed the ad in Casual Encounters T4M, saying she was a T looking for an M comfortable enough in his own skin to take her to a New Year’s party or dinner-dance among the straight crowd. She was clear that she did not want yet another party at another gay club.

Apparently our gal received the usual large number of replies but all seemed to be suggesting an encounter more casual and more immediate than New Year’s Eve. Just when her hope seemed lost she heard back from Susan:

Possibly you and Stan should talk? Maybe he is available for New Year’s?

There, right there the hurt soon-to-be ex-wife is telling our heroine that she should get together with the husband.

For the next few days the two girls go on to exchange messages more like long time ‘besties’ than strangers. They talk about their children and grandchildren. They even talk about sex as women, concentrating on the emotional part and less on the anatomical. Nothing more was said about Stan or New Year’s Eve. However our heroine had apparently taken Susan’s advice at face value and contacted Stan.

Among the load of messages she sent me was this gem.

Hi Stan,
I’m disappointed you have not replied to this ad. I would sure love my date to be you.
New Year’s Eve – t4m
This is definitely a long-shot but hopefully there is a man browsing here with the foresight to see the fun in this idea and the balls to follow-up.

Apparently she must have deleted the rest of the ad and left it to him to search out Craig’s List. Stan did not keep her waiting long for a reply:

Darn! I can’t believe I missed that ad. I haven’t been on Craig’s List lately. It seems to be a bunch of losers (excluding you). I’d be honored to be your date. What venue would you like to attend? ?Stan

Wow! Short but to the point. I like that. Her reply was equally quick:

I was thinking of the Starlight Room as I’m really keen to be dancing and they have a Sinatra/Bennett/Martin type singer which means lots of nice slow cuddly music. There are lots of other choices and I’m open to other ideas just so long as the idea involves dancing
If you want to be away from this area then the Gulfport Casino party might be a nice choice.
I know what you say about the CL girls placing ads. I don’t mind. They make me look good by comparison.
Let’s get together,

Make her look good by comparison?? Hey, I place the occasional ad on Craig’s List. That’s me she’s talking about. But before you can say “lounge lizard” Stan was back to her with this message:

We have reservations at the Starlite Room. We need to arrive between 8 and 8:30 PM. I’m thrilled you asked.
Call me sometime – 555-555-5555.

Our heroine was ‘thrilled’ also and did not give a thought to the fact that she had just made a date with the recently ex-husband of a woman who seemed to becoming her new best friend.

That is so GREAT!
I’m looking forward to it and to the next four days looking for just the right dress!!!
I will call.
Busy right now

In that time there apparently were no messages between her and Susan. Now it was Stan that had her attention as they exchanged messages about what to wear and how to get together New Year’s Eve. They even went for a cozy lunch together.

According to my friend New Year’s Eve was a wonderful experience for her. Stan picked her up on time, they arrived at the restaurant on time and enjoyed a nice dinner and as many of us girls do our friend enjoyed looking around to see that others were not looking back at her. Once as she returned from a trip to the Ladies Room Stan assured her that no one had taken a look at her or nudged their partner to take a look. “You are 100% passable,” he had said to her.

She told me one other experience of the evening that I would like to tell you. At one point Stan left her to pick up the obligatory glasses of champagne to toast in the New Year. Quickly another gentleman was over to ask her to dance. She agreed and they settled in dancing to some Sinatra ballad. She loved the feeling of this stranger holding her close – but not too close.

Apparently the man knew his dancing as he commented about her ‘liking to lead.’

Our friend was embarrassed. “Sorry,” she replied, “My bad. It is just that my friend over there is not much of a dancer so I’m used to leading him around the floor.” That was a fib but it was a good cover. She slipped in to following her partner’s steps.

Midnight came and went. The fireworks came and went. Our friend and Stan made their way back to her place. She gave me no details but I know her and there would have been a very intimate end to the evening. Her next e-mail to Stan showed her appreciation:

I want to thank you for providing a perfectly wonderful evening for New Year’s Eve.
I had such a good time and you helped make me feel very comfortable.
Thank you. I’m off to Orlando soon but hope to see you again in the near future.

There were a short series of messages that seem to indicate that this was not going to be a hot romance:


I certainly hope so too!
Give me a little warning.


You give me warning, too. As it is you that is the working person I’m not likely to initiate the date.


I work M-F, 8-5, a little South of you. I’ll make myself available to you anytime, except if I’m babysitting my Grandson.

So life would go on. Our friend had had her New Year’s Eve of choice but it had not been her Prince Charming date. She tells me she and Stan have had a few more dates but they are not rocking in love with each other. Nevertheless she was about to write to Susan to thank her for suggesting she and Stan get together and hope that her New Year’s had gone well too when she was shocked by this message from the ‘ex’.

You were right dear life is funny. I am disappointed at how easy you are to manipulate. I expected more of a challenge to get you two in a same public place scenario for my needs. I made the suggestion that you contact Stan to go out for New Years and you did the rest. Your rouse to make me trust you as a confident is no more real that the illusion that you are or ever could be even a acceptable presentation of a women. You see you hide behind your wife and family relationships  as security in your old age when getting your dick hard is not the biggest priority in life. Stan hides behind his education and Military career to hide his bisexuality all the while criticizing others for their “gayness.” Yes I guess it is all just a game to you.

Remember we  are all dying no one comes out of this game alive. There comes a time when the most important thing in life is having someone you can depend on at your side in your daily struggle to survive. The only people who look out for you in you old age  are the ones who love you. The only people who remember you once you are dead are the loved ones you left behind. This is your legacy. I see the reality of this daily in my work. The people who never get visitors and the people who have no one but paid emotionless caretakers to do their daily bidding for them. It is sad.

This massage requires no reply as you are no longer useful to me and will be blocked.

Wow! As they say ‘Hell hath no fury like the fury of a woman scorned.’ The grammatical and spelling errors probably meant that Susan had fired off the message in haste and anger. To her credit our heroine did not fire back any lines about Susan being a two-faced liar. However she says she just had to reply.


Thank you for letting me know you were using and manipulating me.
Needless to say I am disappointed.
But are you sure Stan and I were together?
I know I watched a lot of football on New Year’s Eve.

That’s right. Our gal had never told Susan that she was going to be with her ex. Apparently Stan had not told her either. How did she know?

Our gal did not expect a reply. She thought that was the end of it. Perhaps somewhere in the near future a private detective’s photos of her and Stan together will be part of some divorce negotiations. She says that would not be a first for her.

But wait! There’s more! No story would be a story without a postscript. About a month later just when she thought the matter was well behind her our heroine received another e-mail from Susan.

I wasn’t going to bother answering your ridiculous denial. Do you really think I would go to the trouble of settings things up without following up and recording the activities for my own purposes?
Ahhh,…. I digress. I just wanted to inform you that my blood work revealed herpes type 2. How do I know that I got it from Stan you might ask. I had a full regiment of blood work done before I left the hospital  I worked at up north. The blood work included a full STD panel. Since I had sex with no one other than Stan that narrows it down  to him. I can provide a copy if you wish. I fully understand Stan’s self professed tactics. deny everything, admit nothing, and make false accusations. I hear he learned it in the Army. how ever the center for Disease control likes to keep records of who infects who and I will be cooperating with them.

Denial? What denial? Our gal’s reply was short and sweet:

I didn’t deny anything. I just asked if you were sure he and I were together. I didn’t tell you we were not together.

She did not address the herpes issue but that did not stop her from wondering. She did go on-line to check for the signs and symptoms of herpes type 2 — genital herpes. By then she had been intimate with Stan a few times and while they had used protection for intercourse and she had not seen any signs of sores she wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing anything. Yikes, she said she had been missing something. One source told her that the virus could be transmitted even if there were no symptoms present.

“What did you do?” I asked her the next time we met, “did you confront Stan?”

“I did tell him he was being accused of giving her an STD but I didn’t tell him which. I figured that if he had a disease he would know which one. He denied any knowledge of any diseases.”

“But I’ll bet you got yourself tested anyway?”

“Yes I did,” she proclaimed as she pulled a piece of paper out of her purse,” I got tested for everything. It cost me about $200 but now I can prove I have a clean bill of health.” She showed me the paper with a whole bunch of ‘negatives’ written next to diseases, some of which I didn’t know existed.

“Did you tell Susan you were clean? Did you tell Stan?”

“No and no.”

So that’s it. There may be more to come but my friend says she will not contact Susan again. It could only lead to trouble with a trouble woman. As for Stan, my friend is a snowbird like me and by now has flown north. She says she may see him again next winter, “if he writes.”
Oh, there’s one other thing. Since my friend told me about Stan he and I have had a couple of dates. I’m now off to be tested, too.

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