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| Mar 22, 2021
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Before anything, let’s deal with the truth.

Male bodies have wider shoulders and smaller hips than women. That is reality. So how to create a femme figure that works?

Next what are your true goals? Are they to go out in public or you will basically be at home?

No matter which, bra size matters tremendously. Start out this way: get a flexible tape measure and measure your chest circumference about two inches below your male nipples.

Take that number, say it’s 40, and ADD four. So, 44. is your true BAND WIDTH.

I don’t care how big your boobs will be, whenever you get a bra, you want it to be 44 (in this example).

If you don’t, if you give in to temptations and go for 40 instead of 44 you will get a bra that will ride up, pinch and generally be uncomfortable very quickly.

Now you know your true band size, pick a cup size that your choice can maintain.

Bras with cups like A, B, C (as if you’d want A) can hold silicone or foam falsies with little difficulty.

If you want larger, like I do, look for items with a strong underbust band. I mean you don’t want them falling out of the bottom, do you? Now, here’s the good news: if you like bigger, say D, E, F, etc, there are SPORTS bras what will keep your boobs from slipping out. Bestenas, found on Amazon, are really good for this.

They are very comfy, hold all in, jiggle well, they are slip on (so there’s no damnable hook and eye closures) and generally do a fine job. Only down side: they may not be terribly durable so when removing this bra, grab from the sides and pull over your head rather than grabbing the back straps and pulling up.


There is no practical way to make your hips the same width or greater than your overall shoulder width. So just forget that idea. If you think of your shoulder width as all the way across your back including the outer arm muscles, which is your overall width, you’ll need way more padding than necessary. And it will look bad.

Think this way instead: Hip width versus underarm line.

Drop a flexible tape or string or whatever from your upper armpit and see where that falls. If you can get your hips to meet or exceed that point, you are in business. Pad out to near or slightly beyond that point and believe me, you’ll have feminine hips.

The waistline measured at the navel.

Of course, also measure your true waistline (it’s about at your belly button). Keep in mind that really stretchy things will probably be fine for padded hips, but don’t get stuff with too small a waist. Get a cincher if you absolutely must reduce your waist.

There are many, many choices of hip enhancers, so what to do? You can get silicone hip pads, but that seems like overkill to me. Foam inserts are fine. The real issue is how they end up looking on your butt and legs.

Silicone hip/thigh pads available at The Breast Form Store.

Many of today’s choices have quite long extensions down the legs. Cool, but if you like short skirts, the extension is likely to show. Sure, you can somewhat hide them with opaque hose, mostly likely with doubled up hose. But there will be a bit of a heat issue.

Yoga pants and leggings are another good option (though probably not with a skirt or dress.) Both are great hiding the lines from butt and hip pads because of their relative tightness and stretchiness.

If interested, look for yoga pants or leggings with an inseam that will work for you. Inseam is measured from crotch along the inside of the leg to the ankle. For most of us something between a 28 and 30 inch inseam in stretchy pants should be ok.

Back to titties

Now that you know your band-size and have some thoughts on boobies, which kind to get?

Breast Plates

I previously discussed breastplates and how to modify them. It’s tedious and involves cutting and hand sewing work. Cutting is dangerous as you can easily destroy them. So why bother at all? Quite simply because of improved ease of wearing.

Gold Seal breastplate available at The Breast Form Store.

But even with modification there are two major downsides (besides their initial cost): weight and heat.

Weight is an issue with any silicone filled product. Including silicone filled falsies.

With breastplates you can get boobs that are larger than standard falsies. You can get S cup boobs, even X cups. But 15-22 pounds of silicone is a tremendous amount of weight. You will, so have a good chiropractor on speed dial. You can get cotton filled ones with silicone skin and these are much lighter. But again check out the weight. It’s often in kilograms or grams. Just remember that 1 KG or 1000 grams is 2.2 pounds.

Silicon breastplates look great, but that’s because they cover your actual chest. Most cover your upper back too. They lay on the skin. Where does your body heat the go? Nowhere, so you sweat under the plate.

Having said all this, why bother with them at all? You can go braless and your boobs will bounce, particularly if silicone filled. Personally, no matter how the ads and videos look, I find them a hassle in public. You have to deal with covering the neckline, and you’re never going to get a skin match. So have a good choker or wear turtlenecks. But the bounce is incredible.


Ah the old standby. If I’m wearing tits all day, which I do, I love falsies. I also love not having my back kill me later AND being able to remove them fast if someone comes to the door or whatever.

Standard silicone filled breast form.

Falsies are quick on, quick off. And the silicone ones, like breastplates, provide realistic weight by cup size. Obviously, old school foam ones are extremely light, and good option for some.

There are two basic types of falsies: Tear drops and triangles. I prefer triangle but that’s up to you. I love how silicone ones heat to body temp and they do bounce in the right kind of bra, just not as much as breastplate boobies.

A bit about me: As some of you know I was one of the original founders of TGForum, but that was long ago and Angela has really made the place rock. I’ve turned my attention to making clothes for women of a variety of sizes, as well as for myself. So I do know a little bit about fitting to the body.

Next time I’ll discuss how to hide (kinda) eyebrows for those of you interested in a drag look Advance tip: get some of those super cheap Elmer’s glue sticks kids use at school.

Right now The Breast Form Store is having a sale on breast forms, breastplates and other feminine enhancements mentioned in this post.

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