Dreams Take Flight, Part 2

| Apr 1, 2019
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Patrick or Paddy is Patty or Patricia

This story goes back several years but like the remaking of Mary Poppins, A Star is Born and dozens of other Hollywood blockbusters it is worth the retelling. Only Patty was no Mary Poppins.

The story you are about to read is mostly true. The names have been changed to reflect the faulty memory of the teller.

Our principal subject is Patrick, a flight attendant with a major U.S. airline. He and his crew-mates are based in Denver but often have to stay overnight in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and San Diego. It is during one of those layovers that our story starts to unfold.

As you might have guessed, seeing as this is a website featuring information about all things transgender and seeing as Patrick was a male flight attendant fitting the stereotype of an earlier generation, our hero was leading a bit of a double, even triple life. Patrick was gay. He loved singing and he loved singing karaoke in drag as his alter ego, Patty.

On most occasions when on a layover Patrick would beg off the companionship of his married and straight crew mates and head for the hottest gay bar. That’s what gay guys did back in those carefree pre-AIDS days. On some of those nights our guy would indulge in his other passions. Patrick became Patty and sang karaoke at these same gay bars. By all accounts Patty had a beautiful feminine singing voice and was known as Patti La Doll to her karaoke friends.

To make a long story short Patrick was not officially ‘out’ to his company or crew-mates but as they say ‘everyone knew.’ They knew he was gay but did not know about the dressing or singing. That is they didn’t know until one evening in San Diego when the other four crew-mates, the two pilots and two flight attendants happened in to the same lounge where Patrick was singing karaoke. They had gone for the drag show but found something more interesting.

Patrick/Patti did not discover their presence until after singing and being invited to their table. They expected to congratulate a beautiful voice. They did not discover Patti was their Patrick until she inadvertently asked one of the gals about her daughter.

That of course led to a loud round of ‘OMG’s’ or whatever the expression was back in the day. After that the three flight attendants became even better friends and more frequent flying partners. One of the pilots seemed strangely interested in Patti, too.

After a few months of flying with Patrick and relaxing with Patti the crew-mates came to discover how Patti was such an important part of Patrick’s life, probably more important than he was admitting to himself. They decided to have some fun and at the same time help Patrick.

The other two flight attendants, Margo and Jill, prepared a special package for Patty. They decided to present it to her one evening on a Los Angeles layover.

Back in her hotel room with Margo and Jill looking on Patty placed the package on the bed and opened it.

Now I know that all of you who are in to ‘tranny literature’ will know what is coming next. How many stories have you read about the young man forced by his aunt or his older sister to wear some girlie clothes? Heck back in my teens I read dozens and really enjoyed the illustrations dreaming of the day when I could be in that picture.

Well this wasn’t like that. Patty was interested to see the airline’s standard female flight attendant uniform packed neatly there, along with a pair of standard issue pumps and a name tag — Patty — lying on top. But what was she to do with anything? The gals never went out dressed in their uniforms.

“Beautiful,” said Patty, “but what am I to do with it? Wear it on Hallowe’en?”

“First you try it on,” said Jill.

“Then we will tell you,” added Margo.

Patty went to the bathroom and slipped out of the skirt and blouse she was wearing and in to the skirt, blouse and scarf that were parts of the airline uniform. Everything fit perfectly, even the shoes.

Patty presented herself to the girls. “Ta da!” she said as she came out of the bathroom. “What do you think?”

“Welcome to the airline,” Jill said as Margo approached to pin on Patty’s name tag. “Your first flight is at 7 a.m. tomorrow. Don’t forget to wear tan panty hose with that outfit. Black is not allowed.”

“I am not dressing like this for the flight,” Patty protested somewhat weakly. She wanted to be convinced.

“Yes you are,” one of the gals insisted. “You will be great and besides it is not just one flight. After Denver we’ll be heading out and back to San Francisco.”

“That’s a lot of announcements and a lot of time for my beard to grow,” protested Patty even more weakly than before.

“Hell Patty. We’ve heard your voice in to a microphone. You could sing those announcements,” said Jill with a laugh.

“We’ll be there all along and will have your back all the way,” added Margo.

‘The girls had obviously thought this all out,’ thought Patty. “But what about the flight deck?” she asked.

“They know. In fact it was Dan that suggested it,” she said referring to the first officer. “I think he has a bit of a thing for you,” she added with a wink.

Male hair pulled back low.

Jill looked at Margo. Margo nodded back. “There are just a couple of things we have to tweak,” said one of them.

“Like what?” asked Patty.

“Your hair is one,” replied Margo, “We think your pony tail would look better if it were higher on your head. Sit here. Jill is going to sweep it up at the back and gather for you. We’ll teach you once and then you will be on your own.

“And while she works your hair I’m going to do a quick job on your nails.”

High ponytail.

Jill produced a comb from her purse and started to fix Patty’s hair. Patty loved the feeling and was pleasantly surprised how feminine her pony tail looked compared to having it tied back at her neck level. Margo pulled the settee alongside Patty and proceeded to apply a clear base coat to her nails. Patty learned that evening that the base coat would keep the colored nail polish from seeping in to the tiny nail cracks and under the cuticles.

“Ewww!” said Margo and then added to Jill, “go find a razor and a warm cloth. This won’t do,” she added while pulling on some of the hair growing on Patti’s neck.

Jill went to the bathroom, looked around, opened a drawer and let out a shriek and a laugh but also found the razor.

“What was that all about?” asked Margo.

“I’ll tell you later,” Jill replied but Patty knew exactly what she had found.

As Margo shaved Patty’s neck she asked Jill, “How do you think our colleague would look with bangs?”

“No!” protested Patty, “there’s no going back with bangs. Once they are cut in they are no longer able to be pulled back.”

“Okay, no bangs it is. But there is one other change we have to make up front. And for this you have no option,” Jill said as this time she pulled a pair of tweezers out of her purse. “Sit still and smile.”

Patty did not protest to having her eyebrows done. She sometimes played with tweezing herself but never did the complete job the way Jill was doing. She knew that when the job was finished she would have a very feminine-looking pair of eyebrows that would out Patrick even further to his company and customers. However the longer he sat there in the new uniform the better he was feeling about this new identity.

It didn’t take Jill long to effect the new look for the eyebrows. She asked Patti to stand up and take a look in the mirror.

“I love it!” exclaimed Patty.

“There is one more thing,” said Margo as she patted our gal’s hips. “Girl, what is your hip measurement?”

“I don’t exactly know. I do know that I wear size 28 slacks and I know that my hips are small. That is why I wear looser fitting skirts and dresses. I could never look as good in a pencil skirt the way you gals do.”

Patty suddenly looked deflated as she focused on the uniform’s mini skirt hanging loosely around her hips.

Her friends saw the look and told her not to despair. It was Jill that pulled a larger size panty girdle from her purse. “Look we know that as we go up the aisle half the men on the plane are checking out our asses. We don’t like it but it comes with the territory. Tomorrow those guys will be checking your fanny and thinking to themselves that something isn’t right.

“With the hotel’s help we can fix that.” Margo was already on it, having gone to the bathroom and returned with a hand towel.

“Take off your panty hose and slip on this panty,” Jill said while Margo folded the towel length-wise almost in half.

“Yes, you can leave your cache-sex on.”

“We call it a gaffe,” said Patti suddenly conscious of the fabric and elastic article holding her genitalia tightly between her legs.

“Believe it or not some of the girls actually do this to fill out their hips,” Jill said as she folded the towel over by about a third, measured it around Patti’s hips with the double fold side up around the hips and the single draped lower. With just a little scrunching the towel came around Patty’s rear hip bone to hip bone. As she held the towel in place the gals fitted the panty in place. There were only a few wrinkles in the towel to be smoothed out. (It was a quick and cheap fix that I used for years myself-Linda)

With the panty hose back on the look was complete. Patty imitated walking up and down the airplane aisle and even bending to serve a passenger while her friends applauded their approval.

Patti did not want to go to bed. Neither did Jill and Margo. But they had to. They were going to have early wake up calls for their 8 a.m. flight.

“Don’t let your friend keep you up too late,” said Jill with a wink as she headed to the door.

“My friend?”

“Yes, BOB, your Battery Operated Boyfriend. He’s in the top drawer in the bathroom. Don’t worry. Lots of us have them, too. They help keep us sane and under control on these nights away from home,” Margo replied as the two girls left.

“Well yes I have one, too but I still prefer the real thing,” added Patty, thinking to herself that now she really was one of the girls.

Not quite but she was getting there. Patty took off her make up to sleep then was up early to shave and apply fresh make-up.

The next morning, dressed in her new uniform, Patty packed up her flight bag and joined the other girls in the lobby for coffee and a croissant. The pilots joined them and as Margo had predicted they were not shocked or surprised to see Patrick as Patricia, the company’s newest female flight attendant.

“You look great,” commented Dan the first officer.

“Coffee, tea or me?” replied Patty coyly. Margo and Jill looked at each other and rolled their eyes. ‘Here we go again,’ they each thought.

How did it all unfold? You may be surprised. See you in a few weeks with the answer.

Want a hint? Think Harlequin romance.

To be Continued…..

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