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Deborah’s Story, Part 6

| Oct 30, 2023
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Deborah Nicole

I have read about male to female transformation/crossdressing studios and have visited most of the major internet  sites all over the USA – and even the world.

This was mostly just out of curiosity – and to see what they had to offer – and the people who operated these businesses.

I discovered all of them charge around $125-$200. per hour —  even when I converted the currency from overseas places.

To me – this was sheer extortion and greed. Taking hard earned cash from mostly people who could not afford these services and people who seriously needed help with their make to female transformations. Services like a simple two hour cosmetic makeover could cost as much as $250.

Background – Deborah had a huge female wardrobe – from her Pleasuredome nightclub days – and from all the prior CD years – almost everything any CD/M2F woman could ever have. She also was an expert with makeup – from all the drag years. My wife Sierra, from Europe, had all the International Cosmetic and beauty licenses. She was also very open about transforming guys into beautiful females – had done hundreds of ladies over many years. We had a perfect place to build our studios – a large private pool home. We decided to start our transformation business – but make it the very best in all of the USA.

We decided to make our business  focused on everything I, Deborah would wish to visit if I were many years back – pre-nightclub and drag years.

We wanted to make a place where the average crossdresser/TG person could come seeking help with makeup and fashions – the objective to make our guests as passable as possible – but to cater to all males regardless of experience and size and wardrobe.

We also needed to respect the complete privacy of all our guests – vowed to never to post on our websites — or post photos on any media. We decided to remove the PC memory card from cameras – give only to our guests – only – no copies retained by us.

Re: pricing we checked all similar transformation sites in the USA and around the world. Average price per hour we discovered was on average about $130.00 per hour of transformation – which we felt was ridiculous  — so high for the average person who needed help. We decided to cut this average rate per hour in half – and ended up with a firm price of $75.00 per hour at our studios.

Next we invested a lot of our cash building our male to female inventory – buying everything we could find to make our studios the best in all the USA.

We bought many silicone female body products – breast plates, bra inserts, panty girdles, some with vaginas, hip and butt pads, body shapers, even nipples. We searched and found many unique female fashions – in all sizes from 12 – 22. Also as much large size footwear as we could afford.

So now our studios and our boutique has an amazing wardrobe – like over 200 dresses – 50 fabulous evening gowns – skirts – blouses – jewelry — about 15 female wigs in all colors and styles. More lingerie than any other place in all of the USA – we do love lingerie. We bought all kinds of female costumes – 6  french maids outfits with loads of frilly petticoats – Lady Gaga – Wonder Woman – sissy dresses – unique hosiery – everything we could find for every guest preference and desire.

We have more bling – jewelry – than a regular store. We decided to make available to our valued guests everything in our inventory and store.

We also decided we would sell almost any product at a very reasonable price – slightly above our new cost – as we replaced everything we sold. This was as a standard policy so we could maintain our huge inventory.

We bought our website – also for our CD guests, and we also decided to cater to real females at times like the summer months when our children at home would be out of school and we could not do our M2F sessions – This targeted at females with a boring female life – who may wish to become movie stars for a few hours – with lots of sexy beautiful photos – and with Sierra doing fabulous makeup they could look for once like a star. I learned how to work this website – and build it into all it is today – I think the best site out there for people like us. I designed it as if I were a average CD person – just looking for a place to go and learn how to be a female as beautiful and sexy as possible.

We invested in 3 good cameras – all the needed lighting – built 3 different photo studios – all very feminine.

We even invested in a special exclusive unique PC software program that would allow us to remove our photo studio background/backdrops and change the background into thousands of other backgrounds – like her being in Paris or London or in a Victoria’s Secret store — or a sexy bedroom – any place our guests might like to be in.

So a typical day lasts for about 5 -6 hours. We start off making our guests as comfortable as possible – have them wear pantyhose and panties as we cover them up and Sierra begins her incredible makeup work. She normally takes about 2 hours on makeup alone – for she feels anyone can pull on a wig and a dress – but it takes very special skills and practice to make our guests as female as possible. She teaches them — our guests step by step all she is doing – with the goal being that they learn how to do it all themselves. At the conclusion she makes a personal face chart showing all she has done for each guest face – and all the cosmetic products she has used.

She is the # 1 reason we are so successful – her warm personality – her incredible makeup skills – and her female fashion directions.

Next after the makeup is complete – we have our guests try on about 6 different wigs – trying to see what looks best on them.

Next we do all we can to female shape their female body curves – with padding, waist shapers, corsets, etc.

Next our guests select about 5 -6 female fashions to wear for the photo shoots.

We suggest starting off with beautiful elegant evening gowns – then move into various dresses – skirts, tops etc. We try to finish up with a boudoir lingerie session – no nudity – but very seductive and sexy.

After each fashion change we take about 20 – 25photos – so at conclusion guests end up with about 150 beautiful photos – all completely for the guest – we keep no copies.

Finally time to finish up, remove all makeup and get back to being a boring male.

Sometimes our guests will wish to leave as females alone , or with myself to be photographed in public places – parks, shopping malls, etc.

We honestly believe this is the very best male to female transformation studio in all of the USA.

We love what we do and so far in about 3 years we have completed over 500 different sessions – with never a complaint and are rewarded by many repeat visits.

We have no hidden charges. We are as honest as possible, always treat our guests with total  respect, and privacy.

About half of our guests are from  Florida. The rest from all over the USA, California to Chicago, everywhere, including the Virgin Islands.

We have special hotels close by – and in Tampa – restaurants – nightclubs – all TG friendly – for our guests to go to as a female – with no embarrassment.

ALL we wish for is to have our guests have the best female time in all their lives – to give them the confidence to go public.

Our average guests are of all ages from 21 to 75 – from small male body to plus sizes – most with CD experience – but with a small wardrobe.

We can work with all males no matter the age, experience – even beginners – who wish to try this for the first time.

We HOPE some of our incredible TGForum members will come visit us for a transformation session – just go to our main website – – look over all our many pages/sections and if you wish to make a booking go to “make a reservation – select dates and a session #“ – email me – – we confirm dates are open – we ask for a small $50.00 deposit to fully secure a booking via Pay Pal on our site – and you are all set and confirmed.

To out members of this TGForum site – we can even offer a discount – when you advise us of your TGForum  membership here.

WE love all we do and we are good at it ALL.

MOST of all – we just LOVE everything feminine – the incredible female body – the beautiful female fashions – and the fabulous human feelings we all get wearing female fashions – and just being the women we wish we were in real life.

So – finally – come to our Sierra Studios in metro Tampa Florida – and BECOME THE WOMAN OF YOUR DREAMS.


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A lifetime cross dresser - who just LOVES being a female - and who loves wearing all the fabulous female fashions. Every day I get dressed as Deborah - a different female look each day. I am addicted to all kinds of female fashions - especially lingerie under dresses and skirts - always with pantyhose or stockings - high heels, long wigs, and lots of jewelry. Deborah operates one of the largest male to female transformation services in all USA - and love transforming males into females.

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