Video Fashion Tip — Nail Polish

| Jun 24, 2013
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Victoria Williams’ tip today is all about decorating up the tips of your fingers with pretty polish. She also let’s you know how to take it off completely when you have to be a dude.


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Victoria M. Williams is married with a child and is self employed as her alter ego. Though not out to her spouse she is known for her thousand of photos and writing that have accompanied many of the photos over the years. When asked about going full time and coming out to her spouse the answer is, "You have to balance each decision because I grew up without a father in the house and making a life changing decision of transition never the less coming out could greatly impact the lives of those around me so I am feeling the waters before I make any decision on this." Ms. Williams is also known for her magazine magazine covers that have not only feature her, it also featured other selected ladies of influence. She believes that at some point on this journey you begin to grow and if you're not growing you will always be in the same place! Ms. Williams believes that if you're married you should never step outside of that marriage no matter who the man or woman is. The one thing she had to learn on this journey is how to be a counselor and mentor to others even when she was going through a serious crisis herself. Now she has learned to put her family ahead of her desires and being a goal driven woman is what got her to where she is today. Now that same goal driving life to make her the woman she is today is being applied to all aspects of her and his life.

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  1. Graham Graham says:

    Damn! Maybe my choice of presentation doesn’t suit everyone, but I’m thinking six hours to prepare for painting one’s nails? I love your videos, Victoria, but life’s w-a-y too short for this!

    I was booked to provide the piano accompaniment at a music concert last night, and Summer suddenly arrived in the UK in the middle of last week. I therefore decided leave my usual black opaque tights in the drawer, opting instead for a calf-length silk and lace skirt over bare legs and stiletto diamante sandals. I don’t paint my fingernails as they tend to get trashed on the keyboard, but a coat of dark red on my toes finished off the look nicely. It will, of course, stain like hell when I eventually come to remove it.

    But I don’t care. I can’t convey how much being “out” simplifies things! OK – most guys don’t need to wear a skirt, stilletos, a chiffon top, dragon-fly diamante ear-rings, and a scrunchie on their pony tail … that’s my personal preference. But male grooming is starting to embrace things like nail polish nowadays. I think the problem arises if it looks like you’ve tried to remove it and failed … so you end up with a faint hint of colour that everyone will be talking about behind your back. Do you think it might not be a better option to just leave the original colour there for everyone to see? It doesn’t look like you’re trying to hide anything, so the rumour-mill will quickly run out of steam. But if anyone does ask why, it’s no-one’s business except your own … MYOFB, and all that. Be radical. Be alternative. Be what you are. Life IS way too short.

    • angela_g angela_g says:

      Graham, the coat of clear polish first really helps when you take your polish off. I just took off my red nail polish (worn in celebration of our 4th of July) and it came off with not staining and just a bit of color left around the edges. If anyone notices that and gets upset they can… well we know what they can do.