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    What does question marks mean?



    Lord Cornbury, the third Earl of Clarendon, was Queen Anne‘s cousin. His eccentricity took yet another form. The Queen made him her representative as Governor of New York and Jersey in America. He took it all very seriously and decided that as he represented a woman, he should dress as a woman. At the opening of the New York Assembly in 1702 he wore a blue-silk gown and satin shoes and carried a fan! He took to wearing the most sumptuous and expensive decorated hooped gowns in silk. As a result there was no money left for his wife who had to resort to stealing to clothe herself! He was ordered to return to England in 1708 but continued to dress as a woman and managed to remain a favourite of the Queen.


    I have been a crossdresser since childhood. I am now in my 50’s and I am feeling the desire to do more of it and would like to improve my feminine skills. I am enjoying this adventure very much.
    I am glad to have found your site.



    I try very hard not to appear to other people in anything other than
    full female attire, including wigs, blouses, skirts, panties, and so on.

    Currently, I am actually finding that Wal Mart has rather nice-looking
    clothing that is often quite cheap, so I try to buy at least two copies of
    whatever I am buying. 🙂



    Hello,new here and I am a crossdresser.Started with trying on my wife’s clothes while she was gone one day 5 years ago.I always had interest in trying on women’s clothes.Second time,she caught me and thought I was in dead meat at first.Then said I looked good in the dress of hers I tried on.I was surprised she reacted this way.After that began buying Mika’s wardrobe and she was involved in it.Into it a couple months later,she saw I was much happier in my life.Then my family figured out something was going on and that is when I told them.Saw I figured out who I am finally with a much happy life.After that,life as Mika happened and have not looked back.


    Wow, I forgot all about this place. Hi Angela! It’s been a long time. I often think of those days back at Renaissance and our meetings. I’m still Gloria and some members of the family know of my existence and my days on the board at Renaissance. I don’t make it out these days but I still manage to keep Gloria satisfied because I basically have and wear women’s clothes all the time, including when I go out. I wear jeans, shorts, T-Shirts, undies, shoes, watch, small hoop earnings, etc and I don’t look like I am in women’s clothes but in my head I know it.


    Hello everyone. My name is Emma. I am a new member as of today. My username is EmmaGirl08. I have felt my femininity since childhood. And I am happy with this gift. I have travelled along with this gift through my years. And now I am myself. It was not always easy but here I am.
    I live in Italy and I hope to make friends here and every where.
    If anyone is interested, please let me know. x


    Hello, My name is Brenda Stewart, I am a crossdresser from the Great Pacific Northwest and definitely a closet case, well mostly. I am new here and still trying to learn my around. Hope to meet others like me.


    I believe that gender fluid is who I am. I have known from an early age of 4 that I have two genders. I started moving from male to female mode when I was 11. At that age I had my first urge to dress as a woman.
    Crossdessing has always been one of the ways I flow into my womanhood. The desire could be initiated by numerous events such as seeing a woman in a dress that I would want to wear or reading an article about a Transgender woman. I would remain in female mode for a few hours to a few days. I want to emphasize that I don’t always have to wear my female clothes when I am in my female mode. I just feel feminine. In some cases I have had desires to transition but not always. Flowing back to being a male would start when I had to go to work or be contacted by cis friends, etc. For most of my life I have been in male mode most of the time.
    Over the years I enjoyed my male mode but always look forward when the desire to switch to a woman would happen. As I get older I feel more feminine inside of me but still have the need to be in male mode.
    I do believe that gender fluid people like me should fall under the Transgender umbrella. I do not want to offend anyone who is transitioning or who already has. I have the utmost respect for you. Anyway I am hoping to hear from many of you on this topic.


    I’ve heard of TG Forum years before, recently found it. With all that’s been going on, working from home, all other activities curtained, may as well really get into makeup. Not really good idea to go and get a makeover at a place and no mask, so some trial and error I think I’m getting it. Been dressing for long time (decades!) but on and off. However been doing it lot more.

    I have been out few times, nothing spectacular. However, it seems there’s an explosion of websites, social media, and many of the traditional sites have slowed down. I find many of the new sites are very complicated (the languate, the terms, definitions quite complex and interpretive), you really should know where you fit in or will get the wrath. I believe this CD corner is the place for me, I have no intention of changing my sex, I just find wearing beautiful dresses and the stuff that goes with it pleasurable and therapeutic especially in these most depressing times.


    I would like to know more about a transgender, how? Because recently I met with someone (transgender). Please give me more details about them. Should I date with a transgender?


    Nothing wrong dating someone you like. I’m far from an expert on such affairs (don’t date often). Probably key suggestion is treat her like a lady just like you would with a cis woman. I assume this is someone who has transition (hormones, HRT, identifies themselves as female) so with that in mind then they are exactly like a woman. Not to be confused with a CD who likes to dress up but still considers themselves as male.

    From my observations and many opinions posted here and there, never dwell they are transgendered, don’t focus on sexual topics, don’t make it like a one night stand. Have fun with a date, enjoy talking about subjects of interest, and listen.


    I have a question for all. How much do you know about sex toys? I have been looking for men sex toys. I found svakom as a starter. I found some good interactive toys their both for men and women. I would like to try them.

    If you have some other suggestions please let me know. Thank you so much!


    Hi everyone,
    I am doing a project about sex and I am looking for a sissy to interview anonymously.
    I had already interviewed, Masters, Dominatrixes, Swingers, Escorts, I am looking for someone that have been a sissy for long time
    and could give their point of view.

    if interested, or just want more info please send me a message or email me at

    Please let me know .


    Fun story, last year, at about this time, one of the guys from work was in the break room asking everyone if they were ready for the New Year’s Eve parties. Since I am closeted at work, no one knows about this side of me. I answered him, “I have a pretty, sequined dress laid out ready to go.” I paused so he could give a reaction, he did..totally shocked! I then sais, “Seriously, I plan to stay at home, order chinese, and watch movies.” He looked relieved. Most of us realize that these 2 statements are not mutually exclusive, and, in my case, were true.

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