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| Jul 25, 2022
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Michaela Jae Rodriguez is starring in Apple TV+’s comedy Loot with SNL alumni and movie star Maya Rudolph. Rudolph’s character, Molly, was married to a man that she helped become a billionaire and she is devastated in the first episode of Loot to learn he has been cheating on her with a younger woman. Now she finds herself with a whole lot of money but no direction in her life. When she and her ex were a power couple they set up a non-profit organization meant to help disadvantaged people. Rodriguez portrays Sofia Salinas, the executive director of the organization,  and she contacts Molly to remind her that she is the patron of the charity and see if she can get more financial support for their efforts. Molly decides she wants to take an active role in the organization’s mission but she is clueless about how to proceed. That results in headaches for Sofia.

Ms. Rodriguez recently spoke to The Zoe Report about Loot, her career, and posed for some fabulous fashion shots.

Juliana Joel

In the latest episode of its fifth season, Raven’s Home made history when it featured the first live-action trans character ever on the Disney Channel. The Fierce Awakens, featured transgender actress Juliana Joel playing a new character called Nikki. Joel says the impact of being the first Disney live-action trans character brought her to tears when she was alone in her dressing room.

Joel is no stranger to series work. She portrayed trans activist Sylvia Rivera in an episode of The Book of Queer, and is currently working on upcoming series American Gigolo.

Zack Barack, the first transgender actor to be cast in a Marvel movie, voices Barney Guttman, a gay, Jewish, trans teenager in the new Netflix animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park. Barney is an out trans man who is surrounded by supportive friends and family, but Dead End: Paranormal Park tries to take a look at how passive toleration isn’t what every young queer person needs or wants. For more on Zack and his new series check out an article on him in The Gamer.

Eva Reign

Billy Porter ’s directorial debut, Anything’s Possible, started streaming on Amazon Prime July 22nd. The film stars Eva Reign as a 17-year-old trans girl named Kelsa who lives in Pittsburgh, attends high school, lives with her single mom, hangs out with friends and posts on social media. The film opens with Kelsa doing a YouTube video discussing her favorite animals. One of her friends is Khal, played by Abubakr Ali. Interacting with Kelsa at school and online Khal becomes attracted to her and when he asks her out she starts dating him. Of course there are trials and tribulations to deal with; the boys who call Khal gay because of who he’s dating, or the unfounded accusations that Kelsa assaulted a girl in the girl’s locker room. Overall the message of the movie is upbeat and optimistic. Get a review of the film from Gay City News.

Some portions of the transgender community spent time a few years ago protesting cisgender actors portraying transgender characters. Eddie Redmayne did it in The Danish Girl and Felicity Huffman in Transamerica are just two examples. But most of that kind of casting took place in the un-woke days of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Since then more transgender actors have come to the attention of audiences and casting directors. You can find a list of 16 trans and nonbinary actors who booked trans roles on BuzzFeed.

Trace Lysette

Showing at the Venice Film Festival (Wednesday, August 31, 2022 – Saturday, September 10) is Italian director Andrea Pallaoro’s indie production Monica starring Trace Lysette (Transparent) as a transgender woman who returns home to the Midwest for the first time in 20 years to care for her afflicted mother. According to reviewers the film explores abandonment, aging, rejection, acceptance and forgiveness. Lysette’s credits include Pose, Hustlers, Drunk History and Colors of Ava.

Septuagenarian Drag queen and trans activist Donna Persona is the subject of the documentary film Donna by Jay Bedwani. The film is an unabashed tribute to Donna and tells her story of growing up in a conservative Christian family in Mexico and going on to be part of the drag scene in San Francisco. The film became available in some theaters and streaming on Bohemia Euphoria (In the UK.) on July 15. Get more about the film from The Guardian.

Pitt in the ’90s fashion shoot.

In case you find yourself in need of more Drag Race you’ll be excited to know that RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race has announced the second season of the popular reality series will premiere on Aug. 12 on VH1.

Is it the start of a trend in men’s fashion? Billy Porter walking the red carpet in custom made gowns, Brad Pitt in a “rugged” skirt for the premier of his film Bullet Train, and Oscar Issac wore a designer skirt suit. To be fair the skirt is more of a pleated kilt. Pitt’s adoption of skirts and dresses actually started back in the ‘90s when he did a fashion shoot in several tight, sexy dresses. We here at TGF are all for male actors exploring their fashion choices . . . as long as they do it with style.

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