The Occasional Woman: Spring into Spring Fashion

| Mar 15, 2021
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Big shoulders? Avoid this look.

Well hello there, dear readers! Over in this part of the world, a bit of spring just dropped in to say howdy! And, in doing so, reminded me that it is time to think about—new, fresher fashions, to help erase the tedium and iciness of winter. So, I dug up some ideas of Wonderful Wearables to whet your senses! The fashion world is, as usual, thinking up some really weird stuff that they want you to buy, along with some really swell ideas. Shall we separate the wheat from the chaff?

We shall. Let’s start with a really dumb idea—Big Boxy Jackets with Giant Shoulder Pads. Think Working Girl, but without Melanie Griffith—it’s that lovely Shipping Container look! My guess is this: If you are reading this column, you probably do NOT want to emphasize the wide, forceful shoulders with which you may have been blessed. True? Then run away from this style! If you admire the LOOK, then go with what is known as an “unconstructed blazer”. Yes, it is still sewn together, but has a more streamlined, elegant fit. This is much more flattering than the box.

Preventing infection while radiating glamour.

The next is “Black Face Masks”. Well, if your beautiful, colorful ones are all in the wash, or your schnauzer ate them, wear a black mask—but why not bedazzle it? Or add some sequins? Pearls, if this is an evening mask. I’m going to continue wearing a mask until Dr. Fauci gives the all-clear.

Cultural appropriation?

Head scarves. As I live in a lively, varied immigrant neighborhood, I do see TONS of head scarves on a daily basis, so it’s pretty normal in my life. Although they are a nifty accent, I would feel more like a Cultural Appropriator wearing one around here, and you might too. Maybe this look would be great if you are traveling on a ferry, a cruise, or having an audience with the Pope.

Fringed bags—some of these are gorgeous! And if you like fringe, as I do, go right ahead and follow this trend. Just remember that, if your purse-fringes are too long, you may be menaced by fun-loving cats! Wheeee, they will yell—a TOY! But a fun toy.

Sorbet colors.

The next ideas, I love. “Sorbet colors”! Candy pink, luscious lavender, minty green, soft yet cheeky yellow—what fun! After all the weeks of black raincoats, grey tweed, and olive green anything, a POP of color can really lift your spirits. If you must, you can still don that raincoat noir, but why not add some YELLOW or TURQUOISE, or an arresting FUCHSIA neck-scarf, or Boots?! I read that knee-high white boots are back, and I have mixed feelings about this. One would have to wear light colors with these boots, or risk looking like you are sporting hockey knee-guards.

Fashion can be quite fun, and the easiest way to add pizzazz (and not spend $5 ,000.000,00) is to accessorize. New boots, a zingy scarf and a killer purse can add that so-needed ZAP of style to your look. But hey—if you can spring for a new coat, especially a winter clearance item, why not consider this? Stick with a classic shape, like a shaped and seamed A-line wool stunner, and the world can be your sartorial oyster!

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