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Report: San Diego’s Pride by the Beach

| Oct 21, 2019 | Reply

Melanie Yarborough has a report on the San Diego Pride celebration Pride by the Beach which took place on October 12.

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| Jul 15, 2019 | Reply

By Melanie Yarborough (Neutral Corner) San Diego’s transgender community raised its visibility at this year’s local Pride celebration with a special section located on the festival grounds. At Trans PrideVillage, local organizations spotlighted Health, Family issues, Employment, and Community Development. Family Health Centers of San Diego offered materials about their Transgender Patient Advocacy Program. Health […]

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Reflections on the NYC Pride March – by Angela Stephanie Haddow

| Jul 8, 2019 | Reply

Guest Contributor Angela Stephanie Haddow reports on the New York City Pride March and reminds us all of the history of LGBTQ rights in the USA. As she marched through Manhattan proudly being herself she thinks about how the fight for rights began and while the advances, evidenced by participation in the Pride March by public officials and businesses, have been great there are still miles ahead on the road to full equality in the eyes of society.

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Advice for the Young at Heart

| Jun 10, 2019 | Reply

Lynda Martini does get out and and about. Today she blogs about some of her recent adventures. She begins by listing some places in Philadelphia where a girl can have a good time. Friday night at the Philadelphia Free Library for instance. Then a bit about the best areas in town to party and girl watching tips on the commuter train. Lynda is working hard at having fun and that’s why this blog is titled Advice for the Young at Heart. Lynda is staying young at heart and passing on her advice. Then she embarks of a flurry of gala affairs. The kind of event you can wear a sexy cocktail dress and satin heels for. Three of the events are Pride Galas and the other one was a charity fundraiser. Tune in to Lynda’s busy social schedule!

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I Rode The PRIDE Float

| Jun 25, 2018 | Reply

Our Fashion Maven Tasi Zuriack lives in Mexico and her town has an annual Pride Parade. This year on June 16 Tasi was invited to ride on a local gay club’s float. But it didn’t turn out as easy as that sounds. You would think it would be show up, get on the float, wave at the crowd. But Murphy’s Law was being enforced that day. First off, it rained. But, we’ll let Tasi tell you the tale of how she finally made it onto the float and took part in the Pride event.

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Human Pride

| Jun 3, 2013 | 1 Reply

The world loves labels. LGBTQI is a label containing many other labels. Do we really have to choose which label applies to us? The Artist D feels that we’re all human beings and we should all be able to be who we are with no worries about what label fits. It’s Pride Month. Find out why The Artist D promotes pride for all.

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