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Pauline’s Lingerie Guide

| Aug 12, 2019 | Reply

Pauline Estelle goes under cover, well, under our outer garments, to blog about the things we wear under our dresses. There is a remarkable variety of lingerie women can wear. Either it has a purpose, such as molding a body needing a little help to reach the popular conception of an attractive shape, or to add spice to romantic encounters. Some say that just wearing lingerie can make you feel better and more sexy. Pauline explores the foundation and night time garments that she enjoys. See if you are a fan of those items as well.

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Dina’s Diner 3/13/17

| Mar 13, 2017 | Reply

Down at Dina’s Diner the coffee is always fresh and there is a great selection of pies and pastries. Today the specials at the Diner include a serving of Brit news woman India Willoughby; an entree of show tunes sung by drag queens in NYC cabarets; and role models for crossdressers — TV news women. Dina also offers some tasty side dishes like the allure of pantyhose and her best wishes for St. Patrick’s Day. Find it all at Dina’s Diner!

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Dina’s Diner 10/26/15

| Oct 26, 2015 | Reply

Dina Amberle has cooked up a big hearty pot of Diner stew to keep you warm on a cool fall day. She’s added in such ingredients as a short history of lady’s leg-wear, some Fook-Yi & Fook-Yu, a touch of jewelry designer Betony Vernon, a dash of a crossdresser robber, and she seasons it with some spicy Rocky Horror Picture Show. Take a seat at the counter or slide into a booth and order your entree down at Dina’s Diner.

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The Skirt – Fun, Frivolous and Fraught with Psychology

| Jun 29, 2015 | 1 Reply

Today Tasi Zuriack takes a look at skirts. Why women don’t seem to like wearing them and why the majority of crossdressers can’t get enough, and the shorter the better. What keeps women from wearing skirts all the time and why do they spend so much time in pants of some kind? Tasi fills you in today.

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The Occasional Woman — Summer Legs

| May 18, 2015 | Reply

Here is the east the hot, humid air has rolled in and the cool breezes of spring are just a memory — even though summer doesn’t officially begin for a few weeks. It’s time to pull out the summer dresses and sandals but what about our legs? They are our method of moving around but they’re also a fashion accessory. Lorraine Anderson gives you some tips for showing them off.

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