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The Week In Trans 8/7/17

| Aug 7, 2017 | Reply

It’s time for The Week In Trans! What transgender news has made headlines? A drag performer who asked to conduct a “drag queen story time”event gets death threats. A music distribution site gives its profits for a day to a trans law center. A clinic devoted to trans kids and teens opens in St. Louis. Gavin Grimm’s case is kicked back to a lower court. The Trump ban on trans in the military is causing reactions. Caitlyn Jenner was mad at him but then she was caught wearing a M.A.G.A. cap. A 10-year-old trans girl from New Jersey appeared on a British morning “chat show.” There won’t be a transgender emoji. More research is being conducted on a physical cause for trans identity. A boxer from California has become the first to compete as both male and female. There’s a lot more waiting for you in TWIT, including a raft of TWIT Awards! Don’t forget your TWIT!

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