Sleep Well, Cerise

| Sep 1, 2014
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The trans community was stunned recently by the announcement that Dr. Cerise Richards had passed. She had been battling leukemia for eighteen years, and it resurfaced, taking her quickly.


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I met Cerise many times. And every time she took the time to talk with me. She read this blog and seemed to know everything going on in my life. She had an amazing memory.

Cerise was chief of urology at Georgetown University Hospital, but she also was passionate about proving the theory that TGs have female brains. In fact, she gave speeches at conferences (several times at the Keystone Conference, for example) on the topic of brain gender. As this area is also one of my particular interests, we spoke in depth about it. She was even kind enough to send me her presentation slides which were very full (over full?) of information.

She was very giving of her time and advice. Many times at Keystone, I would have the makeover appointment after her with Amanda Richards. (And was she ever picky about her appearance! Just ask Amanda!) I’d be waiting sometimes an hour, but the time flew by as Cerise talked to me about my life, her life,  and about how others dealt with my situations. She knew everybody.

And everybody knew her.

There was a private memorial service in New Hope the Thursday following her death, but I couldn’t attend.  I think she would understand — I had to work.  She was always about doing one’s best at everything they did.  To Contribute.

Her contributions to the TG World are endless. She was a columnist here at TG Forum. She was a patron of the Keystone Conference. She did research.  She started TG clubs. She mentored. She laughed.

I can’t begin to list everything she’s done.

Anything I write will not be enough to cover this woman’s greatness. Her passing has left a huge hole in many people’s lives.

I have lost a friend and mentor. The TG community has lost a Giant.

Sleep well, dear friend. May the four winds blow you safely home.

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