Quislings: Why?

| Apr 20, 2015
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Have you been following the news? I have. Let’s look at a few items.

In Colorado, a Transgender Equality bill was blocked in their statehouse. By whom?


In Indiana a law was passed and signed allowing for legalized discrimination against LGBT people. Who passed and signed it?


A bill preventing TG people from using the restroom corresponding to their gender identity in Florida?


A bathroom bill proposed in Texas that would require DNA tests to use the restroom?


Bathroom bills in South Carolina? Georgia?


So. Anyone who reads my writing, be it here or on my Blog, knows my politics. I am an Independent Liberal. That means I’m passionate about such things as equal rights and helping others and anti-Randian stuff like that.


Cider Drinking Liberal

Now it may look like I’m “cherry picking” here — that these are the work of the “fringe” of the party, and they don’t represent the rest of the GOP. Well, looking at the evidence presented, that’s six states right there, with bathroom bills waiting in many others, promoted by a conservative think tank. I’ll come back to this.

Why do they continue to deny us our rights? Simple — they think this is a “choice.” They think we Choose to do this, and it’s “against their religion.” Now, we in the TG community know it ISN’T a choice. We know there is science proving this. But which party has denied science again and again? (Climate change anyone?)


And so we, the Trans community, pay the price.

Now, to be fair, let’s look at what the Democrats have done to defeat LGBT causes. Let’s see… they vote FOR our rights. They propose pro-LGBT legislation. They try to raise awareness of LGBT issues.

Umm, well, I can’t find any anti-LGBT democratic action.

Ok, So as the above has shown, there is compelling evidence that the GOP has an issue with us. Notice I didn’t even mention the actual “fringe” Republicans: the ones calling for our execution or interment in camps. Both of these have been suggested by Republicans in elected offices. Look it up.

Anyway. Six states at the minimum. That’s not even counting federal level representatives and senators. How is this “the fringe?”

Simple. It ISN’T. A “fringe” element is usually denounced by the party at large, and possibly even censured or removed from office. None of this has happened. This implies Approval, whether they like it or not.

Right. So believe it or not, there are TG people who SUPPORT this. Lots of them. Passionately. Their arguments sound like this: “Benghazi!” “Birth certificate!” “They’re coming for m’ guns!” “O-bummer!” Note that none of these address the issue.

At all.

In Germany in the ’30s and ’40s, we all know what party was in power: a radical right wing party (Fascism is by definition, a right wing phenomena) known for conquest and exterminating everyone they didn’t like — including LGBT. In fact, LGBT, teachers and other intellectuals were first to be sent to the camps. We all know what happened there.

There were people in groups targeted by this regime who collaborated with them. A Norwegian collaborator lent his name to these people: “Quislings.”

And that’s what we have here: Quislings. They are willing to throw themselves under the bus because… well, I’m not sure why. Is it because they have an unreasoning hatred of the president? Because Fox News and Limbaugh et al tells them so? I really can’t understand this.

We in the TG community are under siege. The Republicans know they’ve lost the Gay marriage fight, so they need another “whipping boy” to get out the evangelical vote. It’s us. They call us everything except “child of God.” They deny us rights they enjoy themselves. In my home state of Pennsylvania, they block us from equal rights despite the Democratic governor calling for legislation granting us these rights. This means I can be denied housing or fired from my job for being TG.

And the Quislings support this.



We need to be united against this common threat. Our people are Dying. We need the rights everyone else enjoys, or more of us won’t come out. Or worse. But we aren’t.


Is it because some of us who aren’t full time and don’t need these rights care more about their money than they do for their sisters (or their country?) Side note: I know of only two full time TGs who are Republicans, and I’ve only met one of them.

Is it transphobia and self-loathing?

I don’t know. But we need to unite fast. If we can’t, we will fail. And more of us will give up hope. And Die.

We’ve lost too many already.


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  1. besweet besweet says:

    Right on, Sophie Lynne! It is my belief that those conservative pinheads are trying to whittle away at LGBT rights to the point that they think we’ll all wake up one morning and simply decide it’s too inconvenient to be LGBT and just stop being LGBT. The fools don’t care to understand. It would be way too inconvenient for them to even try to understand. Their names are republican, t-party, self-righteous right-wing conservatives. Ah, but don’t get me started! LYNDA