Product Review: Gold Seal Hip & Rear Padded Panty

| May 27, 2019
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Sometimes male-bodied people who love to dress in feminine attire find they need extra help to achieve a feminine figure. Okay. Lot’s of times. That’s why there is such an online shop as The Breast Form Store. In addition to breasts they sell all the items a guy might need for temporary body modification to a more female shape. One of their offerings is the subject of today’s product review: The Gold Seal Hip & Rear Padded Panty.

The “panty” part of the name is not really the correct term. This is more of a body shaper garment that offers not just padding for the hips and butt. It acts like a waist cincher, pulling in the waistline to add emphasis to your now womanly hips. Many guys don’t have much padding on their hips and many tend to have flat butts that will never be confused with J. Lo’s derriere. The Gold Seal Hip & Rear Padded Panty can be a big help if you long to have that kind of figure. 

The garment is fashioned out of a smooth stretch fabric and comes in either black or white. The wide band at the top of it which acts as a waist cincher is a heavy fabric with less stretch than the body of the garment. For the easiest time getting it on be sure you are showered and dried off well before you make the attempt. This reporter experienced difficulty getting it up all the way due to attempting a test run without engaging the air conditioning in a warm, humid living space. When you are dry, and cool, and maybe use some powder, sliding into the garment is a lot easier.

The Breast Form Store says that wearing it can add three inches to your booty. That is true but when all the hip pads are in place it can make you look a little dumpy. Removing one pad from each side gives a smoother look. But, that said, whether you decide to remove a couple of pads will depend on how the garment works with your body. Some who are very slim in the hips may find it looks just right rather than dumpy. Those whose hips are naturally a bit bigger may want to go with fewer pads.

As you can see from the photos the Hip & Rear Padded Panty has garters you can utilize to hold up hosiery. They come with the garment and can be detached to show off bare legs. 

The pads are of soft foam. It’s best to remove these from the pockets in the sides and rear before you wash the garment. Toss the garment in the washer on gentle cycle, warm. No bleach. Rinse out the pads and let the pads and the garment air dry. Don’t dry clean. 

So much for how it looks under a tight dress. How does it feel? To be honest it feels like you’re wearing a tight body shaper. I was aware of the padding. I am lucky enough to have some hips so I most often get by with a waist cincher and I’m not used to the feel of padding on hips and butt. They register as sort of dead areas. While I didn’t take it out for a spin and spend several hours in it I would probably have gotten used to it after awhile. If you enjoy the feel of a corset the waistband does deliver that sensation.

One last thing to be aware of is the easy access crotch. The Breast Form Store calls it a “bathroom friendly panel.” The fabric in the groin is split so you can go to the restroom. This is both a good feature and a bad feature. Taking the garment off would be very difficult in a public restroom. It’s easy to imagine other ladies wondering if you’re in that stall giving birth. So being able to untuck to pee is good. But the split crotch doesn’t provide a lot of security to keep a tuck in place. It seems a tight pair of panties over top of the Hip & Rear Padded Panty might be necessary. 

The Gold Seal Hip & Rear Padded Panty
Regularly $39. 95. Now on sale for $34.95
Available from The Breast Form Store.

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