A Kid Song About A TG Uncle — And A Video

| Jul 14, 2007
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Suzi Nash is a gay activist and singer/songwriter based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It occurred to her that while there was a great deal of music written for children that talked about straight relationships and issues there wasn’t much for the children of LGBT people. So Rainbow Sprinkles was born. 

Suzi NashFrom the Rainbow Sprinkles website:

Rainbow Sprinkles is a collection of children’s songs designed to empower children of LGBT families. Children need to see their lives reflected in the world around them and music is a big part of early development. Rainbow Sprinkles is designed to meet that need in an age appropriate manner. The song styles on the CD appeal to a global market with hip hop, calypso and country all thrown into the mix, with lyrics that illustrate a mixture of many types of LGBT families. It’s a fun sing-along for alternative families and their friends.”

Now the biggest thing on the CD for us is the song called Uncle Mike. It seems that Uncle Mike is in the process of becoming Aunt Michelle.

Scene From Uncle MikeAs the chorus says:

” I have an Uncle named Mike
He’s a funny guy you’d really like
He wear’s women’s clothes
and powders his nose
and he wears high heels with a spike”

The rest of the lyric is supportive of Uncle Mike and the infectious melody will have you singing along in no time at all.

Now Ms Nash has worked with a Philadelphia area art college to produce a video for the song and that video will be presented as part of The Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival . It will be screened on July 22 if you happen to be in the City of Brotherly Love.

To learn more about the Rainbow Sprinkles CD visit their website.

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