Dressing Up in Lock Down

| May 18, 2020
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Dressing For Summer?

The weather in different parts of the continent varies a lot, so many of you are not affected by poor weather as much as we are this spring. Taking advantage of your deck, lanai or pool, if you have them, would be a wonderful relief. At the moment, here, above the 40th parallel, it is cold, windy, and wet, limiting every thing we do outside. Every now and then we are teased with a warmer day. Under normal circumstances we would be dressing, sitting on the deck, visiting neighbors, and maybe going to restaurants or shows. Our gang had tickets to the show Kinky Boots, but it was cancelled. In short, COVID-19, the weather, and the isolation rules have put a stop to every thing we do outside the house; visitors have to be kept 6 ft. away or not come in at all. It is a total mess. As bad as it may seem I hope governments, at whatever level, don’t open everything up too soon. People screaming about their human rights being affected (in either country) should take a long hard look at themselves.

Some suggestions for summer.

So what is the solution? The solution is to dress as often as one can. I am sure that most of us are doing just that. My wife ordered in a nice dinner from an Italian restaurant for Mother’s Day. It was just her and I. She spruced up and I dressed, nice skirt and top. Later that evening we had a Skype call with our closest friends, CDs and cis girls, and talked for about 90 minutes. It was a lot of fun, to be repeated next week. We do this with Skype. The technology could be better. It seems that Zoom is a much better option.

Try capris for summer.

We can give spring dressing a pass this year. We have to jump straight into summer.There doesn’t appear to be a chosen color so this gives everyone carte blanche to choose what they like. Selecting something to wear this summer is difficult. The weather will probably be normal, but will we be back to normal? People keep remarking that we will be living in a new world once COVID-19 has been tamed. As long as there is an improvement that will be okay.

The long skirt look.

I have it on the best authority, that we will get some warm weather some time soon. So be prepared with whites and light colors. The styles I have noticed on the net are loose and flowy ( I’ve invented a new word), in long skirts and pants. Dresses are also popular in flowery prints and self colors. If it is warm in your neck of the woods what can I say? Shorts, swimsuits and coverups, with a nice wrap while you sit and have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. If I dress on a regular day I might wear jeans or a skirt. A denim skirt with a shirt top of different material, looks quite good. Try pants with a denim shirt. I have a couple of jumpsuits I have taken out of the closet to exercise. They are great for doing chores.

Pauline models a skort.

What does one wear hanging around the house? Casual jeans or some form of work clothing. Skorts are ideal if one is doing projects, or just dress in anything comfortable such as capris, long pants, and matching tops. If you are not comfortable with your arms wear cold shoulder tops which are summery yet cover the tops your arms. Wear long skirts to cover legs, if necessary. Even wear ‘em because you like ‘em. The golden rule with dressing: Clothing should be comfortable at all times. This applies to lingerie as well. Uncomfortable clothing erodes confidence.

If you are looking for something to do, it’s a good time to clean out closets.

I have started with pants and skirts. I must admit,I have a hell of a job throwing anything away. Paint the bedroom. If you have wall paper I hope it comes off easily. Have a dress-up evening every now and then. Saturday evenings are a good time to have a nice dinner, order in, or cook and dress up as if you were going out with friends

What will we do when the lock down is lifted? If the weather is good it would be wonderful. Dress in a classy manner, get your friends together and go out to dinner. Things will be busy so make a reservation. Above all else, be patient, COVID-19 will pass.

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