Crossdressers Get Old as Well

| Nov 2, 2020
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An older woman in a casual outfit.

Obviously age catches up with everyone, even Crossdressers. It appears to me that the male frame tends to suffer with back problems while females are more inclined to get knee, and hip problems. Weight gain is another problem the whole body seems to slide downwards. These problems can be fixed or managed with what is euphemistically called foundation or shapewear.

The other problem with growing old is the stuff that lives between one’s ears i.e. the brain, or more specifically one’s memory. Again one can get some help from the proprietary section of your local drug store for this problem. Fortunately for me I’m not doing too bad in that area. The saying goes that, ‘sometimes you can’t remember what you had for breakfast, but you can remember events that took place when you were six years old quite vividly’.   

What does this mean to a crossdresser. Mobility is the thing that may bother you the most. Wearing heels much higher than an inch is out of the question, as is walking a long distance, think shopping malls. So what can be done about it. There is always surgery (avoidable if possible),use of a walker, which I eschew or in my case I use a walking stick and frequent sit downs. If for any reason you have developed a stoop, this will affect how clothes fit you. Everything appears shortened at the rear.

When it comes to dressing, the face and makeup are your first big issue. Wrinkles and sagging skin. Very few, if any, skin smoothing creams work well. I have a friend who has a device which sticks to the skin by the ears and wraps around the back of one’s head, pulling the facial skin back and giving the appearance of a wrinkle free face. This is fine, except on occasion, the adhesive pads give way and you look as if you are having  a stroke. My advice, for what it is worth, use good quality primers and foundation. Wrinkles that look a little like the Grand Canyon can be treated with a concealer. Be careful with the shade or tone, try and buy one that is  close to your foundation. There are products that work quite well around the eyes; the eyelids are very a much lost cause. Ones lips tend to become narrower and it may come to a point where you may have to draw them in before applying lipstick. Both Gail, my wife and I, have tried Botox. It was not too successful and requires renewing every now and then which is expensive.

Over the counter treatments from your drug store may work for you and give a little more lip contour than you have, but they too, are not always very good.

This lady accessorised her casual outfit with a dog.

A lot of skin or facial treatments  require application once or twice a day if they are going to have any effect at all. One has to do them regularly or they don’t work at all.

Washing your face with a good quality soap  and warm water, at least once a day, helps a little.

The color of wigs is one’s own choice of course. Be careful here. Grey is  usually the favorite of us older girls. There are a variety of shades of grey ( I don’t think there are as many as 50), pick one that suits your complexion. Many colors don’t wear well for mature ladies.

Mature female clothing requires a little thought. Unless your legs look wonderful, avoid short skirts. Knee length or longer is really the best choice. Wear tops that cover the sag of your upper arms, but the bare shoulder look can be flattering.

If like me, you have visible age spots, they can be covered with clothing. Makeup is okay if they are not too severe. I asked my doctor if they could be treated. He said it was unlikely as they were like rings on a tree.

Us oldies can dress well if we don’t try to look too young. Study some older female models and actresses to give you some ideas.

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