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A Christine-Jane Cartoon 2/13

| Feb 25, 2013
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(Click for a larger version.)

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Christine-Jane poked gentle fun at the crossdressing community's foibles and fears for many years. Her cartoons have appeared in many community publications. She is a native of England. She passed away in February of 2016. She is survived by her wife.

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  1. wyvern wyvern says:

    Tee hee!
    those were the days!
    Had an Email from Yvonne and Blodwin a while ago,( )and have some contact with a couple other girls from that era … drop me a line some time …
    huge hugs to Helene and you

  2. Hello Dawn – yes; helluva long way from 274 and almost as far from French Place. Helene and I used to enjoy our Sunday evenings opening up, met so many lovely people. Good days!
    Huggs back to you too!

  3. wyvern wyvern says:

    Hi CJ,
    long way from London Friend!!
    lots of love and huge hugs

  4. Glad you enjoyed one of my cartoon books Linda; thanks for the compliment. Once out and about we’ve got a lot to laugh at and I hope my doodles help others to laugh WITH us.

  5. Linda Jensen Linda Jensen says:

    I have a book of Christine-Jane’s cartoons that I purchased back in the 1980s. The drawings are great. Some situations are so funny today they would go viral if recorded on You Tube. Others hit home in the manner of ‘yep, its happened to me; that is embarrassing”. I will enjoy this fresh look at her work. You will too.

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