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You Saw It In The New LadyLike — Here’s More in Digital Diner!

| May 8, 2007
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Aside from the wisdom I impart here at, I also write a column that appears in and in LL#69 (on newsstands now!) I wrote a couple of pieces that have a life beyond even my own indelible ink.

Begum Nawazish Ali

I did a piece on a Pakistani woman who has her own TV talk show in that little-known hotbed of gender illusion — Pakistan. The host’s name is Begum Nawazish Ali, which means Lady Ali in the local tongue, if you’ll pardon my French. Despite all the seeming obstacles in her path, Begum Ali has become a well-known member of the celebrity universe in Pakistan. I did a google on her to find out what was new with the glamorous lady and found something even more surprising than I imagined. Begum Ali is a transgender male who dresses like a fashionable Pakistani lady and interviews guests that include Pakistani celebrities and political figures in what we all think of as a very conservative Muslim country. Begum Ali in real life (is anything more real than television?) is Saleem Ali, a 28 year old openly bisexual male who enjoys crossdressing in his feminine alter ego.

According to a news report on the Internet, Mr. Saleem Ali is going to run for a seat in the Pakistan parliament. According to the report, Ali Saleem will be standing for election and running as his feminine character, Begum Nawazish Ali. Good luck, lovely Begum.

I also wrote about a South Korean transgender pop singing group that was made up of four beautiful transgender ladies ranging in age from 22 to 29 — and looking divine at any age. (Think of Backstreet Boys — but better looking — and with probably bigger packages). The name of the singing group was named Lady. OK, not the most imaginative name in the pop group universe but it’s kind of a pun, I guess. At least they didn’t name themselves Hyundai Sonata.

Now comes word that Thailand has formed a rival pop singing group made up of ladyboys also known as “katoey” in that country. The group name is Venus Flytrap (don’t pop music promoters have any originality?) and was formed out of 200 auditioning ladyboys. I hate to get all statistical but according to the Korean news, 400 transgenders applied for their pop group, so from that report, South Korea is twice as trans-friendly as the much ballyhooed Thai scene.

And this is something they can only say in Thailand: the group’s first live performance happened in Bangkok. There’s a line in there somewhere —  you finish it.

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