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| May 1, 2017

It’s May 1. My Birthday. A sacred day to me. I am writing this here at work so it may be a bit abbreviated. Controversy reigns again in the TG entertainment world again. Big controversy. So let’s get to it!

Jenner on the talk show circuit.

Caitlin Jenner. β€” need I say more? Okay. . . column over!

Okay, seriously, love her or hate her, she’s back in the limelight with a new memoir and interview with Diane Sawyer. The memoir is called The Secrets of My Life. Cait co-wrote it with Buzz Bissinger. The 20/20 interview is titled the same and is available at

I watched the interview and thought that while Cait was better, she still has a ways to go. She admits that it’s hard to adjust to womanhood and being trans after 65 years living as a conservative man. She realizes her mistakes along the way and promises to make adjustments. She admits to having “The Final Surgery”,” a term I find rather misleading, this year. This means she is still recovering from GRS (GCS), The proper term for this surgery. She also says that she was “tired of tucking that thing” and that her penis had no use to her except for “taking a wizz in the woods.” I found this also cringe-worthy. Girls do not take “a wizz.”

Her new memoir was released this past week and is available everywhere books are sold. She did the rounds as well on all of the ABC daytime talk shows. The biggest controversy was her mentioning that her ex wife Kris Jenner knew about Cait’s gender issues long ago and was okay with it. Kris says that Cait made up stories to make her look like she was more on board. Apparently the two see it differently. I’m sure the truth is somewhere in the middle. It’s hard to trust a Kardashian, yet Cait tends to tell tall tales. 

Zeke Smith on the show.

More controversy arose on longtime CBS’s reality show, Survivor. While the show is no stranger to shocking twists, this one cut deep for a trans contestant. Zeke Smith is, or was, a “stealth” trans man who was a two-time contestant on Survivor. While back for his second stint, another contestant, who is gay, outed Zeke at Tribal Council, where contestants are grilled and voted out by their fellow tribesmen. Jeff Varner thought he could gain advantage in the game by outing Zeke as trans, saying that he was being deceptive, a huge no-no. Varner knew he was sunk after he did it, but the damage had been done. Varner ended up being voted out. Varner also lost in real life as well. After the show aired this month, Varner’s real estate company fired him immediately. Varner has since profusely apologized to Zeke and has spoken a few times with him. But, again, the damage was done. Zeke is out. Zeke said that he didn’t want to be known as the trans contestant, he just wanted to be thought of like everyone else. No matter if Zeke eventually wins or not, it will be an interesting final show when all of the contestants gather again to celebrate the winner.

Ivory Aquino

Gorgeous trans icon Candis Cayne, known for I Am Cait, joins The Magicians cast on SyFy network as the mysterious role of the Fairy Queen for the season 2 finale. It’s good to see Candice back in the limelight. 

Ivory Aquino is a trans actress to watch. She played a trans icon in ABC’s When We Rise, a miniseries about the history of the LGBT community back in February. 

Jennifee Finney Boylan, trans author of many books including She’s Not There, has a new novel out that seems to be in the drama suspense category. It’s called Long Black Veil

See ya next month everyone! I’m off to enjoy my birthday!

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