Time Marches On, But So Does Fun

| Sep 10, 2018
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Time’s terms and opinions change especially in the crossdressing CD, TG world. I’ve been actively participating in this world for seventy-five years.

Back in the day way before the net we (crossdressers) all were pretty much closet cases. There were a few organized groups of us scattered around the country. The groups networked by newsletters that we shared by U.S. mail.

There was a great group in Boston. I’ve forgotten their name. [Editor’s Note: Tiffany Club.] They owned a house in an older subdivision. I was working in Boston one March and via the newsletters, I was invited to a St. Patrick’s day corned beef dinner at their house. In those days, I traveled with two persons luggage. Times have changed with the airlines also.

So being as Suzzies’ luggage was in the motel room, she went to the dinner. There were cars from all over New England parked in the yard and down the street. Of course, Boston is pretty much centrally located in New England. And, it is easily traveled to from all directions except EAST. Am I going somewhere with this? I think so so bear with me. I am old, and I used to be a blonde.

Inside the house, some gals were in aprons slaving over the hot stove boiling up great chunks of corned beef and cabbage heads. Outside of the kitchen area, the guests were socializing with an abundance of adult beverages. Even some of the neighbors were there. For the times, I was thinking there is a lot of acceptance here.

However, one guest stood out, (finally, I’m on point.) The guest was an older guy in a wheelchair called Bill. All the gals seemed to be taking an interest in him. They were chatting him up, pushing him about in his chair, and keeping him supplied with beverages. Upon close inspection, I noticed Bill had a female shirt on as it buttoned on the opposite side.

Needless to say I was impressed with the situation. It looked like Bill was trying to keep an old habit alive with his shirt. And the young gals were accepting and helping. This was my first realization that time marches on. And one day I would be old Bill.

Ladies taking photos and having fun at Angela’s Laptop Club.

That day has arrived, and to be perfectly frank it’s not going all that well. However, I may be doing a little better than Bill. He only had a shirt. I still wear my sawed off stilettos, with longer skirts, and a lot more pants now.  The wigs are all gray, and the make-up case is changing also. Liquid eyeliner is  being replaced as I have concluded applying it directly in the center of the eye may not be good, and it does  not appear to be catching on.

Angela’s Laptop Club parties in suburban Philadelphia seem like  a great example of what I experienced many years ago in Boston. Crossdressers, fun, some adult beverages and above all acceptance.

And like old Bill, I have to get to a party for a little acceptance. Although an old bag hobbling along in drag with two black lines across her eyeballs may be stressing that acceptance a bit.

Message from Angela: No problem, everyone is welcome at Angela’s Laptop Club.

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Suzzie has been crossdressing for 71 years. Her first 23 years were in the deep closet. She has been out of the deep closet for 48 years. However, living square in the middle of the “Bible Belt” she still has to get behind the closet door from time to time. And age 83 has certainly curtailed her dressing somewhat. Suzzie has been retired for 18 years. Before retirement, she was a veteran, husband, father, pilot, engineer, and a CEO. After retirement, she has been busy becoming a published author. She is currently finishing her third novel.

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  1. j2emily j2emily says:

    being age 77 I would say from my experience the author is selling herself short