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| Dec 9, 2013
The "aggressor"

The “aggressor”

A couple of week ago there were news reports about a transgendered student getting into a fight with with some female cisgendered students, This week we learn that the TG student had been harassed for weeks about her gender and she had finally had enough. When she confronted the harassing girls one of them spit out her gum into her hand and threw it at the TG. Since talking hadn’t gotten her anywhere the TG decided to try hitting. Since she “hit first” she is classified as the “aggressor” by the police and will face trial on battery charges. But the incident has lead her school district to take a look at bullying and harassment and is leading to a new school policy. Get the story in the New York Daily News.

Harassment is bad enough in the halls of your high school. Here’s a story about harassment in cyberspace. A woman in Ohio has a TG daughter who transitioned from male to female at the age of 8. She’s now 9-years-old and her mother had her name changed from Keaten to Keat. (Keat?) Proud of her daughter and her new legal name she posted it on Facebook. Cue the harassment. She began to get derogatory remarks from her daughter’s classmates posted on her timeline. Fortunately the girl’s school is behind her and has a zero tolerance policy on harassment. Get the facts at

Since Governor Jerry Brown signed the School Success and Opportunity Act into law right wing conservatives across California have gone ballistic about the fact that the law allows transgendered students to use the restroom facilities of the gender they identify with and use the locker room they are comfortable in while participating in school sports. The anti-TGs in the bathroom paranoia crowd have gone on the offensive with offensive propaganda about girls being attacked by boys in dresses. They’ve made stuff up and ramped up the fear factor to get a petition signed by enough people in the state to freeze the law and put it up for a referendum next year. In the meantime all the school age TGs will just have to hold it in. How’s the petition signing going? Get the details in the Daily Bulletin.

Character and creator

Character and creator

Meanwhile, in a virtual world, trans characters are starting to show up in video games. Though they’re seen as entertainment for a young, male audience the games have started to add gay characters and strong female characters that boys can play as. Now comes a new game with a prominent transgender character. The game was created by a TG and it’s called Bloom: Memories. Check it out in The Advocate.

More and more often transgendered characters are showing up on television, too. Just last week the increasingly unfunny Two and a Half Men featured one. The character played by Jon (just collecting a check) Cryer goes to a gay club with a woman and at the gay club he meets a woman who goes home with him. Implausible? Well, it could happen. After they have sex she reveals she used to be a guy. The only good thing here is that Cryer’s character doesn’t freak out and he wants to keep seeing her. On the negative side the TG is played by a cisgendered female and the laughs are all about her being the dominate one in their interaction. Oh, and if you watch the show you’ll have to endure the plot line featuring Ashton Kutcher’s character. Read the review at

Carmen Carrera

Carmen Carrera

Reports of her death have been highly exaggerated. We don’t know about you but we’d be really upset if some website published a fake news story saying we had died in an accident. No word on how TG model Carmen Carrera took the news of her passing but the story was making the rounds last week on social media after it appeared on a site called Global Associated News. The site makes up fake stories of celebrity deaths and puts a notice at the bottom saying the story is a complete fake. They call that entertainment. We call it twittery. It’s also twittery to post a story to Facebook or other social media without reading all the way to the notice about it not being true. Read about it in Travelers Today.

A death that is sadly real is that of the director of the 1978 film La Cage aux Folles. Edouard Molinaro passed away last Saturday. He was 85. The death announcement is in the News-Sentinel.

Cyndi Lauper brought together a number of musical acts including The Cliks, Big Freedia, Pink and Nelly Frutado to present Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays at the Beacon Theatre last Saturday night in New York City. The sold out show benefited Lauper’s True Colors Fund and Forty to None Project which helps LGBT youth. Read the review in the Hollywood Reporter.

Another benefit event happened last Monday in The Big Apple. The Gender And Family Project presented Night of 1000 Genders (they’ll be fighting over that name with the people who produce Night of a 1000 Gowns) to raise money to fund their work empowering families with gender nonconforming and TG youth. The show included Olympia Dukakis (the actress, not the senator) and trans chanteuse Justin Vivian Bond. Read the story in the Huffington Post.

Courtney Act

Courtney Act

Australian drag sensation (now based in Los Angeles) Courtney Act, will be one of the contestants of Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Since Courtney is unbelievably hot it’s easy to assume we know the winner of Season 6 already. But we’ll just have to tune in when the show premiers on February and see who does take the top prize. (Go Courtney!) Read about Courtney’s participation in the show, see what she looks like as a man and watch a promo video for Season 6 at

Planning on being in Youngstown, Ohio in the next few days? Lucky you! You can try to get tickets for an annual Youngstown Christmas time event. The Rust Belt Theater Company is presenting How the Drag Queen Stole Christmas. It’s in it’s 8th year so don’t expect to buy tickets for next weekend’s shows at the last minute. It’s reputed to be “outrageous” and you get wine and cheese before the show begins so make your reservations now. Read all about it at

On the list.

On the list.

The last time we were in Toronto we found ourselves having a cocktail in a place called The World’s Most Dangerous Bar. The bartender was a Klingon woman. That place may not be there anymore but if you are planning a trip north and and to know where are the best places to take in a drag show are, blogTO has a list.


Last week we told you about the Colorado school board member who said that transgendered girls would have to have been castrated before they should be allowed in the girl’s room. Her remarks caused TG activists to get very active and they unleashed a flood of criticism about her lack of understanding of TG issues. For that ignorance we gave school board member Kathy Svenson a TWIT Award. Today we present her with another TWIT Award for stupidity above and beyond. After the tide of anger washed over her Svensen said she thinks there is no such thing as a transgendered person. Clean off a place on the mantle for your two TWIT Awards, Svensen. Read about it at the Channel 7 News website.

A young man named after a popular ‘70s R&B band was sentenced to 25 years for attempting to kill a transwoman after she told him she was transgendered. He’d been planning to have sex with her but his plans changed drastically and he shot her instead. Fortunately the woman managed to escape and Tavares Spencer (named for a band and a character from an old television show) gets a TWIT Award to go with his 25 years in stir. Read about it at Tampa’s ABC affiliate’s website.

The top TWIT today is not the man who murdered a transgendered prostitute after he discovered she had male genitalia. That man was convicted of the crime and was sentenced to 29 years to life. The TWIT Award goes to the killer’s attorney who offended the judge and anyone with empathy toward the victims of murderers by asking if the judge didn’t think that was a heavy sentence because the victim was a prostitute and not “…a person in the higher end of the community.” Aren’t criminal defense lawyers pretty low in the pecking order? Read the story in the Gothamist.

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