Trusted Shops

The BreastForm Store Ditta Von Pink: Professional crossdressing studio in Orange County, CA
Mags Inc. True Colors Makeup Artistry
Donna’s Hair Studio  

Very Useful Resources

Renaissance Tri-Ess
FtM Resources Kinsey Institute
Parents of Transsexuals Trans-Health.Com
TS Surgery Guide  T.R.U.S.T. – Support for significant others
FtM Resources TG Bibliography
Transition Radio & TV Background Papers on TG Issues
Students and Gender Identity, USC Rossierrom 
from USC Rossier’s MSC online
Recovery Village, an organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with substance abuse into recovery.

Non-commercial Information Sites

Cambridge/AIDs Info Gender Talk Gendercare
Imperial Court System Queer Theory Sisters of Perp’tl Indulg.
Gender Issues Breast Form FAQ
IFGE Imperial Court of NY
TG Community Center
HRT Guide from Transgender Hub Queer Music Heritage
Queer and TG music podcast
How a CD Husband Affects a Wife
Authentic Voices: Voice Modification for People in the Trans Community Local LGBTQ Support – Medina, OH Transgender Hub
The Transgender Hub offers news, advice, community events, reviews and much more to the transgender, transsexual, crossdresser and LGBTQ community.

Politically Active Transgender Sites

 Nat’l TG Advocacy  TransEquality
  And Justice For All  Int’l G/L HRC   NGLTF
 Press for Change [U.K.]   Queer Rsrc Directory  Transgender Law Center

FtM Resource Information

Trans-Man.Org   FtM Informational Network  FtM International
  Hudson’s FTM resource Guide   FTM: Scouting The Unknown   Loren Cameron
  Man Tool   FTM Alliance   MCC Community Churches