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Drag in Cinema — Pre-War Drama Drag

| Jul 9, 2018 | Reply

Years ago on TGForum Laurie Sheril did a series of articles on drag in the cinema. She started back in the days of silent film and worked her way forward in time. Today we dip into the TGForum Archives and pull out her article on characters dressing in drag in the early day of the “talkies.” Many times the character donning drag was a crook trying to disguise himself but it wasn’t always the case. Sometimes the good guys slipped into a frock to get the goods on the crooks. Return with us now to those early days in this Retro Rerun from the Archives.

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Jan Goes to a Trans Film Festival

| Jun 11, 2018 | 2 Replies

Last week Jan Brown and some of her friends attended the Out Films CT festival at Trinity College in West Hartford. They were there to see the short films with transgender themes. Seven films from all over the world were featured. All were from twelve to thirty minutes in length and covered various perspectives on transgender issues. See what Jan thought of the films in her review.

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Drag in the Cinema, The Early Years of Sound

| May 14, 2018 | Reply

In the 1990s TGForum had an expert on drag in movies who wrote a series of articles for us. Laurie Sheril was her name and she covered the instances of movie crossdressing through the different historical periods of film-making. We’re bringing her series out of the archives as a Retro Rerun beginning with her article on drag in the early years of the talkies.

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