Red, White, and Gay

| Jun 29, 2015
The Artist D

The Artist D

The world is what you make of it. Your world is what you want it to be. I know that to be true because we are all given a steaming pile to work with and have to figure out how to make it right. Some people are fortunate and others have been fighting uphill since birth. The truth is that no matter where you are or who you are, you are fighting for something. A struggle is a struggle no matter how it may look to someone else with a different struggle.

I am thrilled to see that people of the same gender have the rights of union that they deserve. It has always seemed to me that the holdup was more to do about the word “marriage” than anything. Marriage is a very religious term to a lot of religious people. I wonder if it would have been any easier if we had given them their word and came up with our own?

At an early age I was told by my church that I would face the fires of hell. They didn’t need to tell me personally as it was draped upon their walls and written in their leaflets. I was a sinner and I liked it that way. I was as gay as gay can be and I had this fascinating gender fluidity unlike anyone else I knew at the time. I knew very early that I was not welcome in church and I was never getting a Golden Ticket to their fluffy clouds.

Over time I discovered all I needed to know about their land of make believe and I had no interest in being a part of it. That’s why I never wanted to walk down an aisle. I never had dreams of being in a blessed union by old men in robes. It is why I never had any interest in the word “marriage” when it came time for me to be married.

All I ever wanted were rights. My first union was a hippie hand fasting and my second was a blood oath under a full moon. The ceremony is what you make it under whatever you may think naturally binds. The ceremony was always there, it’s the rights that were lacking. The privileges, as George Carlin would say.

The world is what you make of it. You can make your world what you want it to be even if they don’t allow it. We’ve had the right to marry whomever we wanted under the eyes of whatever we felt welcomed. All that takes is a secret hideaway and a promise made between those you love. It’s the rights that weren’t right. If you’ve been fighting to walk down an aisle in a church where you aren’t welcome then I’ve got to scratch my head in your general direction. I’ve never seen much interest in fighting to belong to a club which will not have you as a member.

The rights are what it’s about and I’m happy that they are obtainable should a couple want them. We of the United States are all citizens under one government that preaches equality. We deserve the same privileges awarded to any other. I’m happy that the people who needed those privileges now have them.

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The Artist D is a true raconteur and provocateur! He has been performing online since the mid 1990s. A relic from the cam show age before MySpace was any space. Author of In Bed with Myself, an autobiographical tale of transgenderism and Internet celebrity. Executive Editor of Fourculture Magazine and host of The Artist D's Fabulous Show. Panelist and commentator on Fourthought, a weekly live stream.

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