Rare Video of David de Alba

| May 11, 2015

In 1980 David de Alba, the Cuban Legend, stepped outside the walls of the famous female impersonation club Finocchio’s to do a special performance at the Circulo Cubano in San Francisco.

David said when asked about the show:

“I dressed up as a Pierrot and also in The Hobo costume Judy Garland used to wear for the funny parts of her shows. I did it because there was no dressing room available and also no one to help me change drag costumes and because there were also many children in the audience I thought it would be more appropriate so they could identify with clowns … at my shows always adults came, but these folks from Cuba came from all over the SF/Bay Area to see me perform and brought the whole family practically.”

David appeared in the show with a special Spanish singing tribute to his friends, and famous Cuban singers Olga Chorens & Tony Alvarez. Here, courtesy of Mario Jimenez is a video of David de Alba at the Circulo Cubano.


David will be appearing live on stage in his tribute to Judy Garland at The Onyx Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday afternoon June 21, 2015.

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  1. Carollyn Olson says:

    David is the ultimate performer and his Las Vegas shows are a “must see.” When he performs as Judy Garland one would believe they are seeing “the real Judy.” He is that good. Hugs to you David, Carollyn