Part 3: It had to happen. . . .

| Apr 24, 2017

In the end it came down to Rosalind and I being volunteered by the other two to take Julie to hospital. We decided that calling an ambulance and then waiting for it would take longer than just jumping into my car.

Whilst Clara and Suzy were initially willing to accompany us, we had decided that it might be best to minimize the shock to the hospital staff of seeing five crossdressers turn up all at once in Emergency — but, seriously, it was more to do with the fact that both Clara and Suzy have wives who expected to see their men home by a certain time from their golfing awards nights out. If it had become much later, both girls would have had serious issues explaining to their better halves just why they were creeping home in the early hours when the golf event had finished hours earlier.

Fortunately for me, my partner was away at her mothers’ for the weekend whilst Rosalind had only recently been through an acrimonious divorce — nothing to do with her dressing I hasten to add.

I drove as fast as I dared through the fairly empty streets and Rosalind sat in the back propping Julie up and giving her comfort. Even now and then Julie gave a soft moan as pain gripped her but could still speak reasonably coherently when she was asked something. My knees were trembling with a combination of the cold on my stocking clad legs and trepidation about the unfolding events. My stomach was also churning as I thought of my dear friend Julie and hoping, praying that whatever was affecting her was not life threatening.

Rosalind, to her credit, tried to keep Julie talking, asking for a minute by minute account of how she felt; where the pains were, how bad they were and so on.

It only took us just over ten minutes to the hospital and I double parked outside Emergency, leaping out and running to open the door for Rosalind to bundle Julie out into my arms. “Please get a wheelchair,” I called, to the security guard who was approaching us, my deep voice resonating under the canopy to the entrance to the hospital (circumstances meant I’d long given up on using my female voice). “My friend is seriously ill. And, yes, I’ll move the car later.”

The guard took a double take at the three creatures in front of him clad in in female attire. Two tall, plump creatures in dresses and a shorter one (me) in a shortish skirt and top which looked incongruous with the time of morning and low temperature (I’d forgotten to put my coat on in the haste to get Julie to hospital).

Rosalind went to move my car and, as I wheeled Julie into the hospital’s reception, I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down, trying to regulate my breathing. Don’t want you getting high blood pressure now do we? Hmm. . .this is not going to be easy or particularly pleasant, I thought.

“Name?” barked the on-duty nurse as she eyed me suspiciously. Clearly not used to seeing or, perhaps, not approving of two men crossdressed as women coming into her hospital. . . .

“Me or her?” I asked, pointing to Julie who was now leaning forward with her head in her hands.

“The patient.”


“Julie what? And her home address?”

“Er. . . I don’t know.”

The nurse gave me an icy stare. “Well if you don’t know, can’t she speak for herself?”  

I put my hand gently on Julie’s shoulder. “Julie, can you talk to the nice nurse, please? She needs your personal details.”

And Julie promptly keeled over and fell out of the wheelchair onto the nice clean floor. Quite a mixture of pathos and comedy, really.

To be continued next Monday. . . .

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