Metamorphosis, Part 9

| May 8, 2017

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The old woman stands at the mouth of the cave and stares blankly into the darkening sky and has been for hours. I watch her and wonder if she’s told us everything or if there’s more. Mark was fast asleep around the fire we renewed with some dead grass and broken tree limbs found inside the cave. I could not fall asleep as my thoughts dwelled on the troubling information we received hours ago.

I tiptoe around Mark on my way outside trying not to wake him. This woman and I need to have a heart to heart. She needs to come up with some real answers! These riddles and false wisdom were making me crazy! As I emerge from the cave, her eyes never leave the sky, yet she speaks first. 

“My dear. There is no more information I can offer that will change your destiny. I want you to know this before you speak.” 

“I understand. But you must tell me more. Let’s start with who you are. Who are you?” 

“I am known as Lydia,” she begins, “I am the only one who opposes the Magistrate in these lands. I am your only ally and always have been. Please believe that to be the truest words I’ve ever spoken.” 

“I believe you Lydia. For some reason, I’ve always believed you — it’s weird. I just don’t remember how I got here, or why. How did you know about my gender dysphoria?” I ask.

“You told me.” 

“When? When did I tell you about myself? All I remember is sitting in that chair inside your cottage. How did I get there?” As questions pour into my brain, I eject them from my lips. I hope she can keep up with it. 

“My cottage? Oh dear, that is hysterical. When you told me will come to you. There are more important matters to attend to right now. Clear your mind of everything a listen please,” Lydia speaks in a warm tone. 

I draw some deep breaths and close my eyes. I want to focus on getting home, wherever that may be! 

“Okay. How did I get here?”  

“You were brought here by the Magistrate. He intends for you to face all your demons before this adventure is through. He placed Mark here with you to change your mind about what you know to be right. You were already a woman before you came to be in my service were you not?” Lydia’s logic was not flawed in the least. I had always been a woman and there was no question in my mind about it. 

“You have already told me this. What do I do now?” I shriek. 

“You must work together with Mark and defeat the Magistrate and return to your world.” 

“How can I defeat him?” I quiver. My voice trembles. 

“You will realize your potential. You are both beautiful and powerful. This will come to light soon enough. You must convince Mark that the troubled past you both experienced is reason enough for him to suffer no longer. He is dead set on fighting for his life. He is afraid as you once were. Divided by the thought of what he will lose and what he desires,” Lydia looks at me and rests a hand on top of my shoulder and continues, “do you understand me, young lady?” 

“Yes. I suppose. I’m just worried. He is so fragile and frightened. He hasn’t faced the hardships, yet. It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. For me, all that is in the past.  Coming out to our father and friends was so difficult, but empowering. I felt so lost, but happy. There are people that no longer speak to me!” I recall. 

“Then, Raquel, as you already may have guessed, they never loved you for who you truly are. They loved you for who they wanted you to be. Get some rest. You and Mark must travel north and complete your journey. You will no longer need me and will not see me again unless you take a serious turn for the worst,” Lydia returns her eyes to the starry sky and grins. Her rotting teeth are dull against the bright moonlight. She turns again but appears different.

“You are beautiful,” I whisper. She transformed before I could blink. I rub my eyes with fists and gaze upon her once more. Lydia stands there tall and lovely wearing a long midnight blue floral gown. Her lips are bright and her face is devoid of wrinkles, and her skin is vibrant, and most of all her teeth are as white as ivory.  

Her face widens as she smiles and speaks, “goodbye my friend and good luck.” Her voice sounds as young and vibrant as she appears. Within the blink of an eye she vanishes into the night. 

“Wait. I know you, don’t I? DON’T I?” I scream at the top of my lungs. Her voice was so familiar. I could not place it. I hear a voice from behind. It startles me. 

“Raquel, what just happened? I heard you yelling.” Mark was behind me, but for how long? 

“We are on our own now, Mark. We need to travel north.” 

“What about what that old hag said about us? Doesn’t it matter to you that one of us will die?” 

“I guess we’ll have to figure it out! The Magistrate must be defeated at all costs,” I snip. I can’t help but glare into the beautiful night sky. A memory from long ago drips into my mind and I remember when I met Lydia. I begin to laugh, and can’t stop smiling. 

“What’s so funny?” Mark asks. He couldn’t imagine what I found so humorous in the midst of such a tense moment. 

“Long story,” I say. 

“We have time,” he replies, “Don’t we?”

To be continued. . .

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